The Walking Dead's First Season 10 Trailer Teases Michonne's Last Stand, the Whisperers War and More

Rick who? Given that Season 10 of The Walking Dead is confirmed to be Danai Gurira’s last, the AMC drama’s fall return is sure to focus on Michonne and giving the beloved warrior a proper sendoff. And in the series’ first trailer for its upcoming episodes — dropped Friday at the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel — it was strongly suggested that her final days in Alexandria would be fraught.

As you’ll see in the video above (and as was revealed in Season 9’s anticlimactic, post-beheadings finale), the Whisperers are back, and Samantha Morton’s Alpha in particular is just itchin’ for a fight.

But perhaps this line from Negan best sums up the tone of what lies ahead: “The boogeyman just stuck his gnarly skin-covered mask out from behind that closet door, and people are putting their sh–ting pants back on.”

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