The Walking Dead season 10: AMC shares first look of Michonne’s final arc ahead of exit

Viewers of The Walking Dead can’t wait to see more of Michonne in the upcoming second half of season 10. However, it is no secret that Michonne doesn’t have much time left after Danai Gurira announced her exit last summer. Now, a first look photo for part b of season 10 has been released showing what could be the last arc of Michonne.

The last time fans saw Michonne she had just agreed to sail with Virgil (played by Kevin Carroll).

The group had their suspicions about newcomer Virgil.

However, in the end differences were resolved and Michonne agreed to sail to his home in exchange for bringing back weapons which could help in defeating Alpha and the Whisperers.

While the plan is more than likely to have its dangers, it is not yet known whether the trip will lead to her death.


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Now, AMC has revealed a dramatic image from the mid-season premiere via TVLine, which could be part of the character’s exit storyline.

The photo sees Michonne and Virgil cautiously making their way to the island naval base where Virgil lives with his family.

On arrival, it’s planned he will pay off his debt to Oceanside by loading up Michonne’s boat with weapons.

However, by the looks of thinks this has taken a turn.

The image sees both characters with horrified expressions as Michonne shines a light into a dark room.

What did they find?

Could the Whisperers have followed them on their journey in another bid for revenge?

Alternatively, while Virgil seems like a nice guy for now, could he in fact be looking for a way to kill off the lead?


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The official synopsis for the second half of the tenth season reads as follows: “Our group of survivors are trapped… some in the confines of a cave filled with walkers… others, in a spiral of suspicion and grief.

“All orchestrated at the hand of Alpha, who continues to prove the Whisperers are always watching and one step ahead of the communities.

“Through this conflict and all they’ve lost, a few still hold onto hope, especially Eugene, who believes the mysterious voice he spoke with on the radio may lead to their world getting bigger once again.

“But with the Whisperer War upon them, the collective communities must come together and possibly sacrifice all they have to find a way to silence the Whispers once and for all. Otherwise, Alpha will ensure they face a certain doom.”


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Recently Charlie Adlard – who worked alongside The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman – spoke about the end of the comics.

He told the Talk Dead to Me Podcast he had fears about the fan’s reactions.

Charlie said: “I think most people appreciated the fact that we ended this book on our own terms. Before the book was gonna lose sales and then it becomes obvious why you end a book.”

The Walking Dead airs on Mondays at 9pm on FOX in the UK

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