The Voice Kids UK: Emma Willis stunned as Jessie J makes Gracie Jayne admission

The Voice Kids aired a thrilling semi-final as each coach picked one finalist to take to the finale next week. 

When it came down to Pixie Lott, the Mama Do songstress had a very difficult decision to make.

She had to pick between Gracie Jayne, Chloe and Liam, who were all singing for a place in the final. 

However, it was Gracie Jayne who seemed to be the pick of most, including Jessie J. 

The singer was asked to give her feedback when the youngster had performed and she delivered her usual brand of humour to proceedings. 

Jessie said: “I’m known for my honesty… that was the best performance of the semi finals.”

However, the Price Tag singer left a sizeable pause between clauses, which gave Emma Willis a concerned face. 

Thankfully, the praise was very high indeed, and Gracie Jayne was overjoyed with the beaming reviews. 

Emma gasped as she heard the statement, especially considering how high the talent bar was throughout the show.

The presenter told Gracie Jayne she had made everyone get up on their feet after her impeccable rendition of Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers to Cross. 

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It seems Jessie’s words could have had an impact on Pixie’s decision, as she decided to choose the singer who performed best on the night. 

That meant young Gracie Jayne was sent through to the final, while Liam and Chloe couldn’t be more pleased for their team mate. 

Emma asked for her thoughts on the exciting news and while crying, the singer said: “I don’t really have many words to say.”

Viewers watching at home were equally as enthralled by her performance, and thought she deserved to go through.

One said: “Little Florence and the Machine has gone through. Well done Gracie-Jayne  #TheVoiceKidsUK.”

Another added: “Well done Pixie.Difficult choice but Gracie Jane was the best voice.”

A third shared: “Gracie Jayne is going to win the competition, her voice is fantastic #WINNER #thevoicekidsuk.”

Gracie Jane rightly went through but it must’ve been a photo finish with Chloe. A shame that both couldn’t progress to the final,” said a fourth.

Meanwhile, the winner might have already been revealed after a thrilling performance in the first round. 

The Voice Kids concludes next Saturday on ITV at 9pm. 

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