The Umbrella Academy’s Aidan Gallagher teases season two with Easter Egg clue – leaving fans confused – The Sun

THE Umbrella Academy's Aidan Gallagher teased season two with a fun Easter Egg clue – but fans are massively confused.

Netflix have remained tight-lipped about the latest instalment of the popular superhero series, even though the new season debuts on July 31.

However, they've dropped several hints about what's coming next on social media, with many of the clues pointing towards a sixties setting.

Their latest clue involved them posting a bingo card, with the words "They're gonna be looking for us," written in the squares.

But Number Five actor Aidan left fans even more confused when he added his piece, writing: "Don't forget to mark the free space."

He then added: "It's all in the numbers. Every time and thing."

Fans were confused about the hint, with one person saying: "WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN?!? I'm really losing sleep to figure this shot out."

Another said: "Whatttt????? I'm trying to understand, but…"

The last time we saw the Hargreaves superheroes, they were flung into the future by Number Five after failing to stop Vanya (Ellen Page) from causing the apocalypse.

But with Aidan's hint, we can guess the numbers on the bingo cards are probably the time periods they'll be visiting.

First look photos revealed the siblings are spaced out over a period starting in 1960, with some being stranded for so long- and convinced they are the only ones who survived the time jump – they have built new lives for themselves.

With 57, 66, and 60 on them – as well as 19, when the end of the world occurs – this is probably a safe bet.

Much to the anger of fans, Netflix haven't released a trailer for the new season yet.

However, one of the other hints show Robert Sheehan (Klaus) and Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison) dancing in sixties clothing.

The Umbrella Academy season one is available to stream on Netflix now, while season two arrives on July 31.

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