The Sun on Sunday’s Clemmie Moodie goes head-to-head with Jeremy Clarkson on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire – The Sun

YEARS from now, I shall have nightmares about these haunting eight minutes.

Palms and forehead sweating   beneath the studio lights – and under Jeremy’s withering glare – things start off OK on my Millionaire practice run when I’m asked to name the creator of Pinocchio in the famous kids’ tale. Geppetto.

Next, I’m asked which Latin phrase means “endlessly”, and correctly answer “ad infinitum”.

By now I’m getting cocky. This is a mistake.

Seconds later I’m forced to phone a friend when, inexplicably, I think a salamander might be a reptile.

Happily, my pal Harriet convinces me that it is an amphibian.

Now up to £32,000, I’m asked to name the author of the classic novel, For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Shamefully, for someone who studied  English at university, I can’t remember if it’s John Steinbeck or Ernest Hemingway, and am forced to Ask The Host.

Despite not studying English at uni, Jeremy, of course, answers correctly.  It’s Hemingway.

With my lifelines rapidly running out, the buzzer sounds and my brief time in the hot seat is up.

Jelly-kneed and still sweating porcine-like, I’m out of that chair quicker than you can say “Millionaire”. Or not in my case.

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