The Repair Shop expert Steve Fletcher blown away by largest clock restoration

The Repair Shop: Steve Fletcher on why the show is so emotional

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The Repair Shop’s Steve Fletcher, who specialises in the repairing and function of clocks, attempts to restore a large time-piece at the barn on Wednesday night’s instalment of the BBC show. The horologist seeks the help of his 21-year-old son Fred to assist with this unique and “incredible” challenge. 

The new series of The Repair Shop, which is hosted by Jay Blades, launches on Wednesday at 8pm.

During the episode, show favourite Steve is presented with a magnificent clock which is almost three metres tall by a guest called Monica Norton.

The horological wonder was designed and built by Monica’s father, Ron Woodford.

He was a cabinet manufacturer by trade but who had always dreamed of building wooden clocks.

The clock, which is one of five Ron had made, took thousands of hours to complete and was built for a display at the World Trade Centre in Dallas, Texas. 

On seeing the clock Steve exclaimed: “I’m blown away, this is incredible! That’s months and months of work. That’s just incredible.”

Jay asked: “What was your dad like? What was he like as a father?”

Monica replied: “He was quite modest, wasn’t he? He didn’t realise the talent he had, no way. [He was a] very quiet man. 

She gushed about how he could “build and repair anything”, but he made everything so big. 

Monica added: “There’s not a lot he couldn’t do really.”

Her husband Andrew explained: “This one has obviously been in its packing case since he came back from Dallas, for 30 odd years and this is the first time we’ve seen it out of its box”.

Monica continued: “I remember him nailing it all down, saying that’s it now, it’s finished.”

Sadly, Ron died just over 30 years ago, but Monica and Andrew hope to donate the clock to a museum for all to see.

Monica proudly said: “He wanted people to see it, to see the work.”

An amazed Steve explained: “I would have loved to have met him.”

Monica, who was flattered by Steve’s admission said her late dad would also have loved to meet him. 

In another first for the barn, Steve called in the help of his apprentice and son Fred to assist with this epic challenge.

Steve has four daughters and Fred hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a clockmaker at the family workshop. 

Steve is also a granddad and occasionally posts updates about his family life on his Instagram page. 

The Repair Shop starts tonight at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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