The Reason Vivica A. Fox Did 'Celebrity Apprentice' May Surprise You and Her Thoughts on Donald Trump Today

Vivica A. Fox is a natural hustler. The Set It Off star showed off her business acumen during her time competing under Donald Trump’s watch on Celebrity Apprentice. Though Fox no longer admires Trump in the way she once did, she says he was a big factor in why she decided to participate in the reality show.

The actor says she needed to rebrand herself after her breakup with 50 Cent

Fox appeared on the seventh season of Celebrity Apprentice in 2015. She was still in an ongoing beef with her 50, despite the two breaking up in 2003. Fox was labeled bitter and washed up. Her acting roles weren’t as big as before and she was constantly grilled about her love life.

She told Vlad TV in a recent interview that Celebrity Apprentice was a way to change the narrative.

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“At the time I was going through a chapter in my career where I wanted to establish the brand of Vivica Fox as a good business woman,” she says. “Everybody had gotten so caught up in my love life. Jesus Christ, that they forgot I could act, that they forgot I had a successful hair line, that they forgot I was a producer, they forgot I was an award-winning actress.”

Fox admits she’d been approached to do reality television before but was hesitant because of the drama and associated with it. But with Celebrity Apprentice and what Trump stood for as a businessman, she felt it would be a great fit.

“So, I said you know what, ‘How I can fit into reality?’ This works for me. Because I’m not one, I’m not a mean chick, I’m not going to go on a show and catfight and all of that. I ain’t got time for that,” she declared. “God bless those that do it but that’s not my style of being successful. For me, Celebrity Apprentice was a good fit for me at the time because I wanted to show people that I’m a hard worker, that I’m good with money, that I get things [done].”

Vivica A. Fox says she lost respect for Donald Trump amid his presidency 

Aside from wanting to rebrand herself, Fox admits she admired Trump and his family. “Donald Trump was the reason I did the show,” she told Vlad. “I had, at the time, I had huge respect for him as a businessman. His family, good looking New Yorker, upper class.”

Fox was a standout during the competition. She says Trump instantly took a liking to her. 

“At the time, to be in his presence was awesome,” she gushes. “I was one of his favorites. Oh my God, he used to get on my damn nerves. [He’d ask me] ‘Vivica, so what really happened?’ And I’d be like, ‘Why [are] you always coming to me?’ [And he’d say] ‘Because you’re the one I can trust who will tell me the truth.’”

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Looking back, she says it’s easy to see how he ended up at the White House.

“I get how people fall for him,” she says. “He’s extremely, extremely charming, he’s a good a** talker, and he’s like a bad used car salesman – he can sell your a** anything if you believe it at the time and that’s how his a** ended up being the President.”

Now, she says she views Trump as a racist bigot. She also recently came forward recalling a time where Ivanka Trump was surprised by how well she speaks, taking it as an unconscious stereotype by Ivanka.

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