The Missing season 1 ending explained: What happened at the end of The Missing?

What will happen to Julien Baptiste who heads for surgery?

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BBC drama series The Missing first debuted back in 2014 and followed married couple Tony (played by James Nesbitt) and Emily Hughes (Frances O’Connor) who were torn apart by the disappearance of their five-year-old son Oliver. The show cut back and forth from the initial disappearance in 2006 to eight years later in 2014 when fresh evidence in the case led the investigation to be reopened. French detective Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) was on the case in both timelines.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from The Missing season one

What happened at the end of The Missing season 1?

The season one finale gave audiences many answers they were craving but at the same time opened up lots more questions.

Tony and Emily learnt what happened to Ollie directly after his disappearance with the child getting involved in a tragic hit-and-run.

Ollie disappeared after his father was distracted by a football match with the schoolboy chasing after a fox, which had inexplicably wandered onto their hotel complex.

The child chased the fox and was hit by a car driven by Alain Deloix (Jean-François Wolff), the owner of Hotel Eden.

Alain was a recovering alcoholic but on the day of Ollie’s disappearance, he was drink-driving and struck the child as he ran out onto the road.

The hotel owner thought he’d killed the child after failing to find a pulse and initially planned to call the police.

However, he changed his mind as he didn’t want to incriminate himself and put Ollie’s lifeless body in the boot of his car.

Alain called up his brother Georges Deloix (Eric Godon), who at first considered putting his sibling behind bars before agreeing to help.

Georges knew of an empty house and told Alain to put Ollie in the basement of the property with a Romanian associate tasked with disposing of the body.

As it transpired, Ollie hadn’t died and even made it out of the basement but before he could get much the man grabbed the child. This was pretty much the last viewers saw of Ollie.

A flashback to 2006 then featured a phone call between Georges and the associate, who admitted the child was still alive when he’d found him in the house.

Georges asked if he’d let Ollie go after all but the man said he’d got rid of the boy, the implication being the child was dead and the corpse in an unknown location.

Despite Baptiste’s attempts to tell Tony to let it go, he continued to believe Ollie could be alive and kept poring over evidence.

The season closed with Tony turning up in Russia, after the following the trail of the Romanian gang, and banging on a door.

He was confronted with a teenage boy whom he showed a stick figure Ollie had drawn in on a window – a key piece of evidence.

Tony believed he had found his son and tried to tell him but the boy looked bewildered.

The police then showed up and it became clear Tony had been harassing kids all over town in the hopes one of them may be Ollie with the grief and obsession to find his son consuming him.

Sadly, the fate of Ollie remained uncertain as a body was never recovered.

The Missing seasons 1 & 2 are streaming on Netflix UK and Ireland now

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