The Great Actors Joining Chris Rock for Season 4 of 'Fargo' on FX

If you’re a fan of FX’s Fargo, you’re aware that it’s been a while. After the killer opening season with Billy Bob Thornton (2014) and twisted follow-up with Kirsten Dunst the following year, the acclaimed anthology took a break in 2016.

Fortunately for fans, the show came back with a tour de force performance by Ewan McGregor in 2017. But over two years have passed since the Season Three finale. Even though rumors of a Season Four starring Chris Rock have circulated, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking Fargo was finished.

But there is confirmation Fargo will live to see at least one more season. According to FX, fans will find the series back by next year (as predicted). What’s more, FX has revealed the cast members set to join Rock in the next installment.

The list includes veteran comedy actors as well as figures from gangster productions in both America and Italy. The Kansas City-set mob story looks to be in good hands.

Jack Huston and Jason Schwartzman headline the dynamic ensemble cast.

While you won’t see a name as big as Rock’s in the next Fargo cast, FX landed a fine crop of talent from both sides of the Atlantic for the upcoming installment. Jack Huston, the British-born actor who wowed as the hitman Richard in Boardwalk Empire, heads off the list.

Jason Schwartzman, the acclaimed writer-actor-musician who starred in Rushmore and several other Wes Anderson projects, joins Huston and Rock. Ben Whishaw, who won a Golden Globe and Emmy for A Very English Scandal, has also come aboard.

The list doesn’t end there. Amber Midthunder (Legion), Anji White (The Chi), and E’myri Crutchfield (Roots) will also appear in Season Four. Andrew Bird, the musician with 15 albums to his name, serves as a bit of a wild card on the series.

Meanwhile, several Italian-born actors will play the roles of immigrants in the early 20th century. Gaetano Bruno (La Porta Rossa), Francesco Acquarol (Dogman) and Salvatore Esposito (the Gomorrah series) all get billing in the new Fargo.

Rock plays the head of a Kansas City crime family.

The story of Fargo’s Season Four hasn’t gotten any less fascinating with time. It takes place in 1950 in Kansas City at the conclusion of two migrations in the northern U.S. Italians who made the trek across the Atlantic represent one half; blacks escaping the oppression of the South represent the other.

Though Al Capone is dead and buried by this time, organized crime still has a hold on the Midwest. According to the Fargo plot synopsis, the Italian and African-American crime syndicates of Kansas City look to establish a truce via an unconventional swap.

Rock, the head of one crime outfit, agrees to trade newborn sons with the boss of the Italian mob. But then the head of the K.C. mob dies, making previous deals look ripe for renegotiation.

With creator Noah Hawley back along with executive producers Joel and Ethan Coen, it doesn’t look like anything can stop this Fargo. Shooting begins in the fall with the series airing in 2020 on FX.

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