The Good Doctor promo teases major exit from St Bonaventure

Watch the latest promo for The Good Doctor

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This month saw Jared Kalu (played by Chuku Modu) make his long-awaited return to St Bonaventure Hospital after his 2018 exit from The Good Doctor. Despite being re-employed as a resident, the promo for the upcoming episode hinted at his actions resulting in yet another firing. 

ABC’s long-running medical drama will return to screens on Monday with another thrilling episode. 

While healthcare professionals work tirelessly to treat their patients, Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) could be forced to fire his friend. 

The upcoming episode, titled Second Chances and Past Regrets, will see Shaun get confronted by Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) for his friendliness to Jared. 

During the promo clip, Andrews told Shaun: “Dr Kalu is not your peer, you are his boss.” 

To which, Shaun responded: “I am confident that Jared will do a good job.”

However, before he could finish his sentence, Andrews interrupted: “That’s exactly what I’m talking about he’s not Jared, he’s Dr Kalu.”

Although Shaun defended Jared, he could be forced to eat his words as the teaser showed Jared overstepping during a consultation. 

After the two doctors examined a young girl with seizures, Shaun assured the parent: “Surgery should treat the seizure.”

Without consulting his senior, Jared suggested: “Or resection could stop the seizures immediately.”

To which a shocked Shaun explained: “That procedure is very risky.”

The clip then cut to Jared and Shaun arguing in the hallway, with the resident saying: “I thought you’d be happy, I was thinking outside the box.”

However, Shaun hit back: “If you cannot comply, you will be out of the program.”

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Although Jared’s return was a triumphant episode for fans, many will be disappointed to see the doctor end on bad terms with Shaun. 

Back in season two, Jared was fired from the hospital, thanks to his personal relationship with his colleague Dr Claire Brown (Antonia Thomas).

After Jared discovered Claire was sexually harassed by Dr Matt Coyle (Eric Winter), he punched Coyle and later sued the hospital for discrimination.

While he was allowed to return, this didn’t sit well with Dr Neil Melendez (Nicolas Gonzalez) or Andrews.

Jared eventually left St Bonaventure to continue his residency at Denver Memorial Hospital.

Upon his return, Jared mentioned he was three years into his residency when he decided to leave and become a concierge doctor for Roland Barnes (Usman Ally).

As a result, he became a personal physician to the fifth richest man in the world, who was seriously injured in a tiger attack.

During the episode, Jared made amends with Andrews and revealed he wanted a second chance at continuing his residency at St Bonaventure.

While Dr Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) didn’t have a slot for Jared as a third-year resident, he agreed to restart the program as a first-year.

The Good Doctor season 6 continues Mondays on ABC in the USA.

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