The CW's Best Show Ever Tournament: Arrow vs. Ringer! The 100 vs. Crazy Ex!

The CW’s programming certainly hasn’t lacked variety over the years: The next quartet duking it out in our bracket tourney hails from West Covina, California, the Big Apple, Starling City… and the literal end of the world.

In honor of The CW’s 15-year anniversary on Sept. 18, TVLine’s tournament to crown the network’s Best Show Ever continues with more battles in the round of 32. Next up: Arrow faces off against Ringer, while The 100 is matched up against Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

But what does our bracket look like so far? Scroll down to see the current standings; click to enlarge. (Seedings were based on our initial vote-in poll and in turn arranged college basketball bracket-style.)

In case you need a refresher on today’s competitors: Arrow (2012-20) served as The CW’s flagship DCTV series and starred Stephen Amell as playboy-turned-vigilante Oliver Queen, while one-season wonder Ringer (2011-12) found Sarah Michelle Gellar playing two roles, as both recovering drug addict Bridget and the twin sister whose identity Bridget assumed after her sibling’s death by suicide.

The 100 (2014-20) was set after a nuclear apocalypse devastated Earth, prompting life to continue on a space station called the Ark; when the Ark’s sustainability was jeopardized, 100 juvenile delinquents were sent back to Earth in hopes of potentially repopulating the planet. Meanwhile, musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015-19) followed Rachel Bloom’s Rebecca Bunch, an unfulfilled New York lawyer who moved to West Covina to chase happiness (and/or her high school ex).

But which shows win this round for you? Cast your votes in our polls below (results are hidden; polls close after 24 hours) to determine who advances to the Sweet 16, then hit the comments to back up your choices!



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