The Cube viewers slam contestants and accuse them of ‘cheating’ after £50k win

The Cube viewers tuned in for Saturday’s repeat episode of the hit ITV show and it's fair to say the challenging obstacle course left fans fuming as the two contestants took home £50,000.

Presenter Phillip Schofield welcomed Tayif and his younger brother Mo from Manchester as they came together to beat the cube and take home the grand prize.

As the audience cheered the dynamic duo on, the pair got to the final challenge with only two lives left as they risked the £20,000 they had saved for the last challenge.

The game asked the pair to swap all of their coloured calls from one side of the cube to the other by rolling the balls to each other down a slide which they could only grab at the very end of the slope.

And despite all odds, the pair managed to beat the clock and transfer all of their coloured balls to the other side with 0.4 seconds remaining.

But eagle-eyed fans were quick to contest their mind-blowing success as viewers accused the pair of cheating as Mo appeared to pick up the ball slightly too early.

Some viewers rewound the show to check whether the pair rightfully won the jackpot, and many fans disagreed with the final judgement call.

One viewer fumed: “Nah get lost that was clearly won by cheating. I had to rewind. He took the call before it got to the red!! They failed other people for that! #thecube.”

Another agreed: “Hey, the CUBE. How come you let these guys win when they should’ve lost??

“He clearly picked up the ball before it arrives at the red zone? Happy for them though.”

A third chimed in with: “Cheated that picking up the ball in the white zone – last week you stopped a couple when they did that. Why let them off and win 50k, joke #thecube.”

Elsewhere, another challenged: “That guy on the cube took one of the balls way too early, something not right there #thecube”

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