The Chase viewers stunned as they unearth 'snobby' contestant's TV past

THE Chase viewers were left stunned after recognising contestant from another game show.

GP Sarah impressed viewers as she managed to add a whopping £32,000 to the team jackpot on Monday's episode – but they also thought Sarah looked familiar.

Sarah revealed she was a quizzer and her husband appeared on The Weakest Link.

She told a shocked Bradley: "He won The Weakest Link."

The host asked: "How much did he win?"

Sarah answered: "Three and a bit thousand?"

Bradley replied: "Rubbish prizes on that show!"

However, there was another link to Sarah's history with television as fans pointed out that she appeared on the popular channel 4 Come Dine With Me.

One fan said: "Sarah was also a contestant on Come Dine With Me!"

A second wrote: "I'm fairly sure this GP woman was on #ComeDineWithMe many, many years ago!"

A third said: "Yes, she was a bit of a wine snob and got tricked into thinking some cheap, boxed wine was the posh stuff!"

Another penned: "That's where I know her from!"

All four contestants in the episode went through to the final chase.

They accumulated a massive £50,000 and 23 steps.

After a nail-biting contest, chaser Paul "The Sinnerman" Sinha ran out of time and failed to reach 23.

He answered six questions wrong allowing the team to push him back a step.

Even though he was defeated, Paul admitted that it would have been unfair if he won because he was against a very good team.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV and is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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