The Chase viewers shocked by Anne Hegerty’s transformation as she debuts new hairstyle

THE Chase fans were left seriously distracted by Anne Hegerty’s new look on Monday evening’s show – and it hasn’t gone down well with some.

Four new contestants went up against the Governess during the episode, but many viewers were more interested in her striking new hairdo. 

The 63-year-old had swapped her neat pixie cut for a more fuller, coiffed style and fans of the ITV quiz show soon took to Twitter to comment on it. 

As she settled into her seat to take on the first contestant, one viewer said: “Anne’s hair is absolutely terrifying. 

“Can someone please explain to me what she has done to it?”

Echoing their comments, another fan questioned: “Has Anne had extensions or something put in it? Her hair is looking mad full right now.”

While another exclaimed: Wow! Did The Governess swing by Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen’s hairdresser on the way to The Chase?”

Anne’s new appearance may have unsettled some, however, that didn’t stop the quiz master from dismantling her opponents on the show.

Taking on Anne was Christian, Emily, Yasmin and Kevin, but the foursome could do no harm to dent her glowing form.

With seconds to spare, Anne raced through her last couple of questions and managed to catch the team, sending them home with nothing. 

​​Anne has been part of the show since 2010 and The Sun recently revealed she is now a millionaire thanks to her success on the programme.

Anne has filed accounts that show she’s earned well over £1m in the last two years.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm. 

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