The Chase viewers brand contestant a 'rat' as they commit show's ultimate sin

THE CHASE viewers were less than impressed when they witnessed a contestant commit the show's ultimate sin.

The quiz hopeful was branded a 'rat' as they opted to take a low offer in order to get back to their seat safely.

On Thursday's episode, Andrea from Harrow only managed to bank £3,000 during her cash builder round before going on to face Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan.

It was here the make-up artist and hairdresser made a decision frowned upon by fans of the ITV show.

As Jenny offered her a high amount of £23,000 and a low offer of £1,000, she told host Bradley Walsh: "I never thought I'd do this… but I'm going to take the £1,000."

To which Bradley replied: "Totally understandable."

While Jenny added: "I think that's very smart Andrea."

But viewers were not happy and rushed to Twitter to vent.

One wrote: "First person up taking the low offer. That's sly that. #TheChase – go get her Jenny!!"

Another added: "Crap team alert already a low offer taker #TheChase".

A third raged: "I just got here and theres already a low offer w*******… to hell with her #TheChase".

And things went from bad to worse for Andrea as she failed to answer several questions correctly.

As she waved goodbye to Bradley, Jenny mused: "Even though I caught her out Andrea did do the right thing by going for the lower amount.

"It gave her the biggest fighting chance and she gave me quite a battle ."

Although fans of the show were less forgiving and branded Andrea a "low offer rat", who they were glad to see the back of.

"When you take the low offer and get caught out anyway #TheChase," smirked one.

A second wrote: "Low offer rat caught superb start to the show #TheChase".

While another ranted: "That stupid “first player out” should never take the flamin’ low offer! Thank goodness Andrea got what she deserved!

"She doesn’t deserve to be on the show after that low offer stunt she pulled! #thechase".

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