The Chase: ‘This went well’ ITV fans slam ‘worst episode’ as Anne Hegerty wipes out team

The Chase fans wanted a little more from their episode tonight as Anne Hegerty was on fine form.

The Governess took no prisoners today as she wiped out every single contestant. 

With all of the team knocked out, Anne then went head-to-head with one player the team had deemed to be the best.

However, Christina sadly fell short of providing enough correct answers to get her through to the cash.

When Anne knocked out Kwame, the final contestant, host Bradley Walsh seemed to be bemused by his friend. 

Upon hearing her giggle, Bradley said: “You’ve played well, I’ll give you that.

“Governess rightfully smug, she’s caught all the players.”

However, viewers were furious by today’s episode, branding it one of the “worst” ever due to the lack of competition. 

One fan wrote: “They’ve done well on The Chase… Not.”

Another added: “Well this episode went well.”

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A third shared: “No I in team… presumably the I is for intelligence.”

“This is the worst episode of The Chase I’ve seen,” a fourth commented.

A fifth tweeted: “Seriously, who are they going to pick? Maybe the camera man?”

Another commented: “And just like that, Anne wipes out the whole team.”

Yesterday on The Chase, Paul Sinha blasted a contestant over their ‘stupidest’ answer blunder.

The Sinnerman went up against James, who hit a big stumbling block with one question. 

James was asked: “What November holiday was created by Abraham Lincoln?”

The contestant wondered if the answer was “Movember”, but it only prompted some gentle teasing from the Chaser.

Paul laughed: “Hello James, you got a great score, especially considering you gave us the stupidest answer of the series thus far.”

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm. 

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