The Chase fans gobsmacked as Chaser Shaun times out in awkward show first

The Chase viewers were stunned as Chaser Shaun Wallace was told by host Bradley Walsh that he had run out of time whilst taking on contestant John.

As time ran down on a question about a location in the Himalayas, with the correct answer being Ganges, Shaun failed to answer in time.

As Bradley asked him what happened, Shaun admitted that that was the first time he had ever timed out on a question, making it a show first.

Fans rushed to social media to comment on the surprise moment, as one posted: "It’s not often the Chaser runs out of time on a question."

Another added: "Chaser out of time making John look fast."

A third chipped in: "Out of time!! When does that ever happen."

A fourth said: "Chaser out of time! That's like a once in a year thing!"

However, Shaun still managed to beat John and only the first two contestants, Mari and Alastair, made it into the final to try and win £17,000.

After they accumulated 12 points, Shaun beat them with 47 seconds to go, assuring viewers he was back on top form.

Meanwhile, fans of the show were also left fuming as the new Chaser was once again teased at the start of the show by Bradley.

Despite the newcomer, who is set to be announced as genius former player Darragh Ennis, being teased all through the week, he is yet to make an appearance.

Frustrated viewers rushed to social media to beg for the show to unveil the new Chaser, as one said: "One said: "Stop teasing us, we want the new chaser".

While another wrote: "Ffs show us the mystery chaser".

"They're gonna keep the new chaser till Friday", remarked a third.

The Chase continues on Thursday at 5pm on ITV.

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