The Chase: Bradley Walsh red-faced after forgetting Royal Family member in mix-up ‘Who?!’

The Chase: Bradley struggles on Prince Charles question

Clare, Luke, Pepe and Dominic were the four budding quizzers hoping to head home with some serious cash on tonight’s episode of The Chase on ITV. However, they faced a tough challenge in the form of Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty who did her bit to try and stop them. And while the tense quizzing face-offs had fans talking, so did a major royal blunder from Bradley Walsh.

The awkward moment in question came when 23-year-old Pepe took to the table to try and follow in first contestant Dominic’s footsteps.

Dominic had made it back to the Final Chase with £8,000 in the prize fund and Pepe had her fingers crossed she could add the low offer of £1,000, not the £3,000 she’d earned in the cash-builder.

Pepe had a rather tough time in her face-to-face with Anne – although so did Bradley when he asked her question relating to Royal Family member Prince Charles.

Bradley asked the contestant: “What are the names of Prince Charles’ cousins on his mother’s side of the family?”

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The possible answers were Daniel and Susanna, David and Sarah, or Darius and Serena.

Unsure of the answer, Pepe opted for David and Sarah before adding: “They all sound about right.”

Trying to work it out himself, Bradley began to think out loud: “So the Queen’s sister… On his mother’s side of the family…”

Bradley continued to tie himself up in his words as he tried to clarify.

“So it’s (Princess) Margaret, so Margaret’s kids… The correct answer is,” he said, keen himself to find out the right pairing.

Luckily for Pepe, it was indeed David and Sarah who were Prince Charles’ cousins – something Anne also knew.

But Bradley’s embarrassment became evident when he turned to Anne for an explanation, saying: “Eh?”

The Governess explained: “Princess Margaret’s children were David and Sarah. They still are David and Sarah.”

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Seemingly forgetting who the two are, Bradley shouted aloud: “David and Sarah who?!”

As the ITV studio audience let out a laugh, Anne clarified further: “Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, who is now Lady Sarah Chatto.”

A rather red-faced Bradley suddenly realised why he’d forgotten the identities of the royal figures as he replied: “Course it is. Sarah Chatto!”

Despite the royal mix-up, Bradley regained his composure to move on with the programme – although things took a turn for Pepe.

Sadly, she was caught by Anne and third contestant Luke didn’t fare much better.

Final player Clare, however, did manage to join Dominic for the Final Chase playing for a total of £13,000.

However, Anne’s fine form continued into the Final Chase and she caught the duo with just four seconds remaining, sending today’s team home empty-handed.

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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