The Bachelorette's Peter Speaks Out About His Split from Hannah Brown: 'A Piece of My Heart Will Always Love Her'

Peter Weber is ending his Bachelorette experience with pure class.

On Tuesday’s live After the Final Rose special, Weber, 27, became emotional as he addressed Hannah Brown‘s decision to send him home. The pilot held back tears as he looked back fondly on his time with Brown.

“She was just honestly the most amazing person I’ve ever met so far in my life,” he said, holding back tears. “I’m just grateful for all those memories we made and being able to fall in love with her.”

“I really fell for her and I had no doubt that it was going to be us in the end,” he added. “I really didn’t [think I was going home]. That was tough to watch back.”

Though Weber said he was doing “okay,” he admitted that he will “always love” Brown.

“I don’t think you can completely fall out of love with someone,” he said. “It’s been two months. I’ve been moving on and doing my best with that and I know time will heal all wounds. A little piece of my heart will always love her.”

When Brown came on stage to come face-to-face with Weber for the first time since their breakup, she told him that she wished he would have been more honest about his feelings for her from the start.

“There wasn’t anything wrong and I know that’s probably hard to hear because I wish I could give you a clear concrete answer, but I truly thought you would meet my family,” she said. “I wish I would have known a little bit sooner about how you felt and you would have told me maybe. I was scared. I think I felt like you were scared to love me.”

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“I always enjoyed our time together, but I don’t know if it was just you not exactly expressing to me verbally how you felt, if that held me back from emotionally jumping the gun and going all in,” she added.

Brown admitted that sending Weber home was one of the toughest goodbyes she had on the show.

“I knew I was going to hurt you, but I ways also getting hurt too because I was falling in love with you and it didn’t just go away. It’s been really hard for me to watch everything and watch how upset I was that day because everything that we had was real,” she said. “I was scared I was letting go of the perfect guy.”

And despite leaving the show brokenhearted, Weber said he wouldn’t change a thing about his experience with Brown.

“Honestly, no,” he said. “This entire journey, I made it a point to always be myself. I wasn’t going to change myself for someone else and I wasn’t going to be someone I wasn’t. I wasn’t going to force anything.”

And addressing the iconic “windmill” moment, where she previously admitted to sleeping with Weber twice, Brown clarified that it was actually “four times.”

“I still can confidently say that Jesus still loves both of us,” joked Weber.

Weber, who was nicknamed “Pilot Pete” by Bachelor Nation, was eliminated on Monday night’s episode during part one The Bachelorette‘s two-night season finale.

While Weber got closure with Brown, he did not address the accusations that were made by his own ex-girlfriend, model Calee Lutes, who told Entertainment Tonight that Weber unexpectedly broke up with her in December, right before going on the show.

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“He definitely didn’t go on the show for the right reasons. I believe he went on it for the chance at fame, and he got what he wanted,” she told ET in an email interview.

According to Lutes, the pair met on a dating app in June 2018 when Weber was in her hometown of Atlanta training with Delta Airlines. She said they fell head-over-heels for each other and decided to date long-distance, as Weber lives in Los Angeles.

She claimed that by October, Weber told her he loved her, and she was planning to move out to L.A. to live with him.

The two-part season finale of The Bachelorette continues Monday and Tuesday night on ABC.

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