'The Bachelorette': The Finale Took Two Weeks to Film Because Hannah Brown Needed 'Dark Days'

This season of The Bachelorette has been very taxing for Hannah Brown. Not only has she had to narrow her contestants down from over thirty men, but she also has had to deal with a villain who manipulated her for most of the season.

The emotional energy and time that it took her to get rid of Luke Parker took so much away from her experience and robbed her of the opportunity to get to know the other men as deeply as she should have.

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What did Parker leaving do for Brown?

When Parker left, Brown felt like it was a “massive weight off her shoulders,” according to host Chris Harrison.

Once he was gone, she was able to let her guard down a little bit more and really fall for the remaining men. Before that, she had only told Jed Wyatt that she was falling in love with him. But once that huge dark cloud was gone, she had space to figure out what her feelings actually were.

How did Brown make her decision?

Deciding who you want to spend the rest of your life with isn’t easy for anyone. Multiply that stress times about 100 and you probably have how Brown feels making that choice in front of the entire nation.

Because it’s such a huge decision, the Bachelorette production team really gave Brown time to work out how she felt.

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“You really want this to be about Hannah talking with her mom and dad on camera, off camera, talking with brothers and sisters and friends — this is where you start getting counsel from the people you really count on and love,” Harrison told Entertainment Tonight. “And also producers — we love these people, we care for them. You’ve spent a lot of time with these people and been in the trenches with them — these producers you count on and you’ve befriended, this is where you’re leaning on them. We want to make this work.” 

How long did it take to film the finale?

The finale will start off in Greece and pick up where the last episode left off.

“One guy is obviously going to leave, and we will get down to that final two. They will stay in Greece, we will all stay in Greece, and this will go through until the ending,” Harrison continued. “But there’s a lot to handle, a lot to unpack now, because a lot of stuff has happened in Greece, and a lot has happened outside of Greece that we have to deal with.” 

At the time, Brown was finding it especially hard to choose between the men, so she was given days in between filming to recenter herself.

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“This week really is two weeks — we really spread it out, there are days off in between here, there’s dark days,” the host said. “Hannah was really big on having time to meditate, time to reflect, and she really took time alone to think and to journal before she’d come talk to us. That’s what this is all about and where your decisions can change.”

At the end of the day, Brown can only choose one person. And with two of her men, Wyatt and Peter Weber, having rumors of girlfriends back home floating around, let’s just say Brown’s chances of a happy ending aren’t looking too good.

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