The Bachelor: This Photo Proves That Cassie & Caelynn Are Still Besties

Season 23 of The Bachelor has been over for quite some time now, but fans of the show still have an obsessive affinity for former contestants. Two standout contestants of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor are none other than Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. The two formed a fast friendship during their tenure on the show, citing one another as “best friends.” But, when Miller-Keyes was sent home after hometowns and Randolph went on to win the show and Underwood’s heart, fans were skeptical about whether the two could maintain such a close friendship. However, a recent photo proves that the pair are still as close as ever.

Following the show’s season finale, Miller-Keyes took to her Instagram page to show support of her bestie winning the heart of her ex-boyfriend. “So happy you’re happy, ily. (swipe to see Colton’s face when he realizes he has to share Cass with me)” the former Miss North Carolina USA said in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Still, some fans of the show were hesitant to believe that Miller-Keyes was being genuine. This became especially true when Miller-Keyes moved across the country and began living in the same building as Randolph and her sister Michelle Randolph. Many people believed that Miller-Keyes had ulterior motives and had moved simply to be closer to Underwood, whom she once claimed to be in love with.

Friends forever?

Despite the rumors, Miller-Keyes and Randolph remained close friends and soon their Instagram pages reflected that they were spending time together with Underwood. Many fans pegged this as strange, but Underwood insisted that it was important to Randolph that he make amends with Miller-Keyes.

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Colton Underwood

“Cas shared with me, ‘Caelynn is one of my best friends. I really connected with her and it’s really important that, at some point, you can become friends with her, too.’ I think it’d be weird if I was like ‘Hey don’t hang out with this person,’ and Caelynn’s a really good person. I know that first-hand so I’m very supportive of their friendship and I’m glad we’re all getting along” Underwood confessed about the odd situation.

Moving on

Miller-Keyes seemed to echo Underwood’s thoughts and say that they are past the initial weirdness of being friends despite having dated in the past.”I think there was some weirdness at first, but now that the season’s done airing and people are moved past it, it’s not weird at all” Miller-Keyes said in a podcast before admitting that she now thinks of Underwood as a brother. She also admitted that Bachelor heartbreak is a lot easier to get over than regular heartache.

However, despite the fact that the trio seemed to be getting along famously, conspiracy theorists quickly noted that Randolph seemed to be less enthusiastic about the friendship than Miller-Keyes as evidenced by her Instagram page. They argued that Miller-Keyes was posting more pictures of herself and Randolph and showering her with more love in general while Randolph remained quiet about their friendship. Randolph stopped rumors in their tracks when she posted a sweet birthday message to her bestie.

Instagram message

“Happiest birthdays to this beautiful best friend of mine. I LOVE YOU and am beyond grateful that the world orchestrated bringing us together in the craziest of ways! True friendship is rare and I’m lucky to have found a true gem. Love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you when you are home” Randolph declared.

Bachelor In Paradise

It seems that these two women are still as thick as thieves despite the drama that sharing a boyfriend could have caused. Miller-Keyes has seemingly moved on from Underwood and is currently looking for love in other places. We’re interested to see how her stint on Bachelor in Paradise plays out, but for now, we’ve got The Bachelorette to keep us entertained.

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