The actress who played Gilly in Game of Thrones is gorgeous in real life

Does anyone else miss Game of Thrones? Even the wild final season was great, despite the online petition pushed by some die hard fans who wanted it remade. Yikes! Now that it’s over, the whole thing just seems so epic, flaws and all.

Since Game of Thrones occurred on the fictional continent of Westeros in an alternate universe, many characters looked really different than how they looked on the red carpet. Not only that, but many characters were running through forests to save their lives or living in lands of perpetual winter, so they didn’t exactly look glamorous during the HBO seasons. One such character was Gilly. Remember her?

Gilly was one of the Free Folk who was the daughter of the horrible man named Craster, who lived beyond the Wall and had incestuous relationships with his daughters. She ran off with Samwell Tarly who ended up raising her son with her. Because of Gilly’s difficult life, she looked like she had been roughing it for the entire span of her time on Thrones. However, the actress who plays Gilly, Hannah Murray, looks so different when she’s not running from White Walkers to save her life.

Hannah Murray said Gilly's hardships gave her vulnerability

In an interview with BUILD Series, Hannah Murray spoke about her character’s relationships in Game of Thrones, particularly Gilly’s relationship with Samwell Tarly. Murray was asked about the pure love between Gilly and Samwell and laughed. She compared them to other relationships in the show and said: “We’re kind of a rarity.”

Murray added of the two characters, “They both come from very abusive childhoods in different ways but they both have these terrible, terrible father figures.” But Murray said this sorrow gave both of them an incredible vulnerability.

Murray first came into the spotlight for her role in Skins in 2007, according to The Telegraph, where she played the role of Cassie, a young girl who struggled with an eating disorder and mental health issues. She had other parts, like a role in the 2014 film God Help the Girl, according to IMDb. However, Murray’s big breakthrough came, of course, from Game of Thrones, where, according to IMDb, she played Gilly from 2012-2019.

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