Tense showdown between Amber and Joanna revealed in Love Island first look

Love Island fans should look forward to yet another explosive showdown tonight – this time between love rivals Amber and Joanna.

In the first look for tonight's dramatic episode, Joanna instantly makes a dig at Amber as she tells her she will be the "bigger person".

Unsurprisingly, this instantly riles Amber who questions what she has done to her.

Joanna points out Amber's "dead ting" comment as she hits back at the beauty therapist.

The pair are seen sitting at a table for what is undeniably the most awkward 'friend date' ever.

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"I'm obviously going to be the bigger person," Joanna begins by saying.

Amber retorts, shocked: "The bigger person?! What have I done?"

"You knew I was there," Joanna sighs. "Don't be this immature."

"Did somebody zip your lip?" Amber questions. "You could have said hello."

Joanna responds: "So you comment on a girl's looks just because she didn't say hi to you?"

During last night's shocking episode, Amber and Michael became embroiled in a furious row after he chose to recouple with Joanna.

This led him to accuse her of making him look like a "d***head".

Later, Amber was asked whether she was ok, but she insisted she wasn't bothered because Joanna was a "dead ting".

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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