Teen Mom star Vee Rivera shows off her stunning pool again and boasts husband Jo 'put some lights up for me'

TEEN Mom star Vee Rivera showed off her stunning pool again and boasted how husband Jo had "put some lights up for me."

Vee, 28, bragged about how her swimming pool looked during nighttime in an Instagram story. 

String lights were strung up on top of the fences. 

The song Relación (Remix) by Sech, Daddy Yankee, and J. Balvin played during the short video. 

Vee wrote in the caption: "Hubby put some lights up for me."

Jo, 29, and Vee share their daughter Velisse Eva Rivera, six. 

In the next Instagram story, Vee shared how her pool looked during the daytime.

Velisse and a group of children were playing around in the pool party. 

The kids jumped into the pool and splashed around in the water. 

Vee said: "He's living his best life."

Back in May, Vee took fans inside their $200k home, which featured a pool with a slide and a remodeled bathroom. 

The camera panned and zoomed in on the two animals running across the grass. 

Sharmila Sharma's electronic song, The Vivid Love, played in the background. 

The water in the pool looked cool enough to take a dip in. 

Back in March, the MTV star shared her new living room, which had been decorated with $15 Walmart curtains, with her followers.

In her Instagram stories, the video focused on the new curtains, rug, and cushions. 

Vee stated: “Guys, Walmart be coming through. Look at these cute-a** curtains I got.

"I had just regular beige curtains but I wasn't feeling them anymore. I feel like it goes perfectly with my pillow. Like look how cute. 

“And with the rug, too. So cute. It looks so good. I love it, ya’ll.”

Vee teased her husband by asking her fans how long it would take for him to notice the new curtains. 

The TV personality also took to social media to gush about her remodeled bathrooms.

With a video that showed off the before and after progress, the reality star said: "We recently remodeled both of our bathrooms, but this was the one that took the cake as far as transformation goes!

"We added a new vanity, I also replaced the knobs, light fixture, towel holder, etc with champagne bronze finishes rather than black."

Vee continued: "Also, got to paint the tile & bathtub white so everything looks brand new and not blue & green anymore!

"The tiles on the floor were traded in for vinyl flooring that resembles wood, it’s my absolute favorite! OH AND PAINT!!!"

Jo also has a son named Isaac, 11, with his ex-girlfriend Kailyn Lowry, 29. 

Recently, Kailyn teased her relationship status in a TikTok video with Vee. 

In the TikTok challenge, participants ran in the direction of whichever category they agreed upon.

Vee had to drag Kailyn away as she waltzed and smiled at the "more kids" section. 

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