'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Instagram Followers Are Starting to 'Feel So Bad' for Her

From 16 and Pregnant to Teen Mom OG, it’s hard to believe we’ve been following some of the stars of these MTV shows for over a decade. And while it may be Jenelle Evans who’s running the drama show these days, we can’t forget how Farrah Abraham used to make the biggest splash. From her dramatic relationship with her parents to her controversial parenting methods, fans never knew what shenanigans Farrah was going to get into next — that is, until she was let go from the network for her antics.

Farrah may no longer be featured on Teen Mom, but she’s still sharing her seemingly lavish life on social media. And while fans continually slam her for her posts, it seems some are even starting to feel bad for how much negativity she receives. Here’s what her followers are saying.

Farrah’s Instagram followers are constantly slamming her for her content

Despite being off the show, Farrah’s still receiving a ton of attention — but most of it seems to be negative. She’s quite active on Instagram and is constantly flaunting her vacations, her businesses, and the work she gets done on her body. Unfortunately, it seems the negativity toward her has increased ever since she first got involved in the adult film industry. She adds many NSFW photos to her Instagram and has mentioned many times that she’s proud of her work no matter what others think. Even so, fans flock to her ‘gram to add how they really feel about her content.

“Can you let us know your plastic surgeon so we know who NOT to go to [sic],” one follower commented on this recent photo of Farrah. And on another ‘gram photo of Farrah in a tight pink plastic dress, a follower added, “I’ve seen Barbie Dolls that look more real than you do.” Not only is Farrah’s social media flooded with upsetting comments, but fans have also accused her of adding in fake positive comments to try and offset them.

They also think she’s a bad influence on her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia

It’s not just Farrah’s Instagram that’s getting a ton of backlash. Her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, also has her own social media accounts. And while Farrah swears she’s the one running them, her followers still think Sophia is way too young to be having her own Instagram and Twitter.

Farrah’s parenting methods have come under fire for years even before the social media controversy, too. The Teen Mom star insists on treating her daughter as an adult — and that means giving the child her own business and thrusting her in the spotlight whether Sophia wants that or not. Farrah has also received a ton of flack for homeschooling Sophia and bringing her on lavish trips instead of allowing the child to be amongst her peers and develop friendships with kids her own age. Despite the critique, Farrah seems absolutely nothing wrong with her parenting, however, as she truly believes she’s giving Sophia once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that other kids would love to have.

Some of Farrah’s followers are starting to pity her for being mocked

It appears Farrah is pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable on social media with a few of her recent posts. And while she’s still receiving many scathing comments from her followers, others have expressed genuine pity that she’s the butt of every joke. As one of her followers commented on a recent post, “I feel so bad for Farrah. It’s like everyone gets the joke but she doesn’t.” On the same post, another added, “You try so hard girl. All anyone needs to know is that your behind is all over the internet getting gaped.”

None of the comments or the pity can get Farrah down, though. And Teen Mom fans on Reddit have also discussed how her negative childhood experiences may have shaped her harsh personality today. “I really think her mom is the one with the personality disorder and Farrah is the product of that, both by DNA & up bringing [sic],” one Reddit user wrote. “I don’t think Farrah ever felt true love from her parents, and doesn’t know how to show it to her daughter or anyone else [sic].”

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