Teen Mom Farrah Abraham shocks fans as she grinds broom while daughter Sophia, 12, waves knife in odd Halloween TikTok

TEEN Mom alum Farrah Abraham left fans in shock as was seen grinding a broom while her daughter Sophia, 12, waved a knife.

The mother-daughter duo made the odd decisions in a new Halloween TikTok video.

The 30-year-old took to TikTok on Friday to share a clip of her and Sophia getting dressed up for Halloween, which was set to the Pamela Pupkin’s Halloween Workout song by Laura Clery.

After a the MTV alum had her makeup done and a ghost face mask was placed on Sophia, Farrah appeared onscreen in a black dress and red cape.

The Teen Mom alum played with jars of candy before she grinded a broom as the song’s lyrics said, “Grind the witch’s broom.”

As Farrah and her friend grinded the brooms, Sophia was seen waving a knife throughout the clip.

At one point, Farrah and Sophia did squats and kicks as the 12-year-old continued to hold onto the knife.

Farrah captioned the video: “Guess my favorite line & kick Satin in the crotch 😈”

Shortly after the Teen Mom alum shared the post, fans rushed to the comments section to express their shock.

One person wrote: “Jesus Christ: let her be a kid.”

Alongside numerous surprised emojis, another added: “What are you doing with that broom?”

A third chimed in: “Um not supposed to thrust the broom Farrah.”

One person asked if Sophia is in “therapy,” as an additional TikTok user wrote: “Ur an idiot.”


The mother-daughter duo have been getting into the Halloween spirit, as the former Teen Mom OG star recently looked more like Sophia’s sister as they posed in matching Power Puff Girls outfits for Halloween.

The twinning dress-up came just days after Farrah got cheeky in front of her daughter at a Halloween party.

The MTV alum and Sophia were guests at the Experiential Supply Co. and C3 Celebrate Haunt'OWeen Los Angeles's VIP Preview Night.

While Sophia dressed as a conservative pirate, her mother dressed up as "sexy" Lola Bunny, the animated cartoon character in Space Jam: A New Legacy, as she showed off her behind while wearing tiny white shorts.


The strange video is not the first time fans have begged Farrah to let Sophia act her age.

In response to a new glam photoshoot, one person wrote: "I can’t help but think Farrah is encouraging her to act/dress much older than she is. She is 12 years old."

Another added: "Sophia is such a beautiful young lady. I hope she gets far away from the toxicity that is Farrah and her family."

A third wrote: "Well, I was the same when I was 12, but my dad would never let me leave the house with showing skin lol."


Back in August, fans became upset when Farrah brought her only child to a yacht party in Mexico.

While celebrating, she said: "Cheers to getting done with Harvard stuff, doing law stuff and just trying to take a break. 

“Schools about to start, moms, what a summer. Cheers!”

Fans once again ripped Farrah for taking her underage daughter on a party with alcohol.

One upset person stated: “Farrah puts Sophia in another inappropriate situation.”

Another fan added: "This poor child, I am sick thinking about her life and future." 

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