Susan Sarandon and Glenn Close Have to Be Cut Out of Anton Yelchin Documentary

‘Love, Antosha’ director Garret Price reveals all the famous fans and friends of the ‘Star Trek Beyond’ actor wanted to be involved in the film, making it hard for him to fit everyone in.

AceShowbiz -The man behind the new Anton Yelchin documentary feels terrible after having to cut Susan Sarandon and Glenn Close from his film.

Garret Price tells WENN he had too many people who wanted to honour the tragic actor in “Love, Antosha” – and he couldn’t use all the famous fans and friends.

“Everyone wanted to be involved and it was very therapeutic for a lot of people to talk about Anton, but we got too many people!” he says. “We had 60-plus interviews in the end.

“I had to cut because I just couldn’t fit everyone in a 90 minute film, like Susan Sarandon and Glenn Close. I think I’m the first person to ever cut them out of a movie! Susan was in contact with Anton text messaging on things up until the night before he passed away. It was tough to use, because to me the tragedy of it all was part of the story I really didn’t want to concentrate on. This was a movie about life and not death.”

“It was also a coming of age story for me – Anton’s point of view growing up through cinema and life experiences. I had to pick and choose what helps follow this path to tell the story. Glenn said all good things. Everyone is going to say strong things about a person they love, but you also want to share an insight that you haven’t learned. Not that Glenn didn’t, but you want to find new information that fits the narrative I chose to follow.”

Yelchin died in a freak accident in June, 2016, when he was pinned between his Jeep Grand Cherokee and a brick pillar outside his house in Studio City, California after the vehicle rolled down his driveway. The cause of death was listed as “blunt traumatic asphyxia”.

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