Sunday Brunch viewers distracted by Tim Lovejoys appearance Halloween is over!

Sunday Brunch: Tim sports 'favourite' cardigan with built-in mittens

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Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer hosted Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch this weekend and welcomed a variety of guests onto the show. However, many viewers were left distracted over Tim’s outfit. Seeing the star don a quirky cardigan on the show, fans quickly took to social media to comment on his outfit choice.

Throughout the programme, Tim proudly showed off his cardigan that featured a bold green and black pattern and mittens sewn into the pockets.

“Welcome back to Sunday Brunch, we are live,” Tim said, waving his hands in the mittens of his cardigan.

Simon asked: “Did you just buy that cardigan just for that? Just for the mittens?”

“I love this cardigan, it’s my favourite thing,” Tim said, flaunting his clothing.

He joked: “No, it’s so I can help you get stuff out of the oven.”

Later on in the programme, Simon and Tim interviewed singer songwriter Holly Humberstone.

While chatting about the young star’s fashion sense, Tim remarked: “I can see you eyeing up my cardigan.”

“Oh I am, with those mittens as well. Must have one of those,” Holly replied.

Tim insisted he wouldn’t give up his prized possession, saying: “No, no, no, no, no.

“This is mine, I love it. I’m not swapping this for anything,” he said.

Several viewers took to Twitter to comment on Tim’s cardigan, with many making it clear they weren’t keen on the look.

“Why is Tim wearing a blanket?? #sundayBrunch,” @carol90783713 wrote.

“Is Tim wearing that cardi for a bet? #SundayBrunch,” @NicolaGormley questioned.

@gazpne joked: “Nice of Dunelm to supply one of their rugs for Tim’s coat this morning! #SundayBrunch.”

“Halloween is over, mate. You can take off your Tim Burton costume #SundayBrunch,” @MissLionHeart remarked.

“Tim’s cardigan has sent my TV proper funny #sundaybrunch,” @CharisScottHolm said.

However, some viewers came to Tim’s defence, insisting they liked his outfit.

“I really like Tim’s cardigan. I’d wear it, good shape, it looks cosy and the colour is gorgeous #SundayBrunch,” @charisma1330 wrote.

Sunday Brunch airs Sundays at 9:30pm on Channel 4.

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