Sundance World Cinema Competition Pic ‘Human Factors’ Lands At Heretic Outreach

EXCLUSIVE: Human Factors, the German-Italian-Danish drama that was announced last night in Sundance’s 2021 World Cinema Dramatic Competition selection, has landed an international sales deal with Athens-based Heretic Outreach.

The film, which was previously known as Zorro, is directed and written by Ronny Trocker, whose credits include 2016 Venice pic The Eremites.

Told through narrative loops and shifting lenses, Human Factors stars Sabine Timoteo and Mark Waschke in the story of a young and prosperous European family. When their marriage is threatened, they spend a weekend at their holiday home on the coast, only to become the victims of a mysterious burglary which sets everything off balance.

Producers are Susanne Mann, Paul Zischler, and Martin Rehbock. Zischlermann filmproduktion is the primary production company with co-producers Bagarrefilm, Snowglobe and ZDF – Das Kleine Fernsehspiel.

Human Factors is a visually stunning and intense experience,” said Ioanna Stais, Head of Sales & Acquisitions at Heretic Outreach. “When diving into the world of the film, you can’t help falling for its narrative techniques and the intriguing characters. What we find remarkable about the film is that, weeks after first watching it, we are still peeling off different layers of the narrative and discovering new ways of approaching it.”

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