'Summer House': Hannah Berner Says Kyle Cooke 'Cursed Me out Multiple Times in the Past'

Hannah Berner from Summer House believes she’s truly held back when it came to confrontations with Kyle Cooke, sharing he’s cursed her out on numerous occasions.

Berner and Paige DeSorbo earned the moniker the “Giggly Squad” last season when Cooke wanted to expound on his wedding plans during dinner. Meanwhile, Berner and DeSorbo whispered and giggled and Cooke was supremely annoyed. And while Cooke and Berner have never seemed to be close friends, they are now at war with each other this season. Berner has remained relatively quiet during Cooke’s digs. But that has changed this season.

Hannah Berner says she didn’t stand up for herself last season

Berner asserted that she’s been extremely passive in the past when it came to Cooke. “There was a real group mentality coming together, and it wasn’t in my favor,” she told StyleCaster.

“In previous seasons I wasn’t that great at standing up for myself,” she admitted. “I was very scared of confrontation. Kyle has cursed me out multiple times in the past, but I always stayed quiet and took it or cried in the corner. But I went into this season like, ‘If he comes at me in his condescending, patronizing way, I need to show him I have a backbone.’ So regardless of what’s happening, it’s important to stand up for yourself and not let people talk to you like that.”

Cooke and Berner had an explosive confrontation when he accused her of being lazy and blowing off cleaning duties in the house. Berner defensively shot back. She refused to be spoken to in the same demeaning manner he uses with fiancé Amanda Batula.

The remark caused friction with both Cooke and Batula. Batula whipped a glass at Berner after Berner made the comment. “That comment was made as like ‘I’m not your blood. I’m not marrying you. I don’t love you the way Amanda does. You can get away with that with her but don’t speak to me like that.’ I stand by it,” Berner said. “I refuse to be spoken to like that.”

Kyle Cooke takes credit for Hannah Berner’s success?

“Watching this season has been pretty hard seeing everything they’ve said about me,” she added. “It’s hard to feel warm feelings. You’ll definitely see things evolve from where it is now. I’m pretty sure Kyle said out loud in this upcoming episode, ‘I will destroy Hannah Berner.’ It’s like, ‘What are you talking about, bro? Calm down and deal with your own stuff and don’t talk to women the way you do.’”

Summer House is on Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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