Street Outlaws finale exclusive: Jeff Lutz brags about dragging Big Chief for the win

On Monday’s episode of Street Outlaws, the semifinals will pit Big Chief against Jeff Lutz.

On the second night of Cash Days, 405 racers must match up and race, while still fighting to knock out the only remaining Texas driver.

The exclusive clip shows the two race warriors suiting and revving up for the race with an overlay of Jeff Lutz telling viewers he was going to “smoke Big Chief’s a**”.

What we do know is the two men will race on a dodgy road and it becomes a tuner’s game to see who can get down the street in one piece.

The two men have history and fans will want to see this finale tonight.

Who is Jeff Lutz?

Jeff Lutz was made famous for his appearance on Street Outlaws. He is mostly known for his customized 1969 Chevrolet Camaro dubbed Mad Max.

This Pennsylvania racer is married and has a son, and began racing in the mid-1970s and was urged to try it by his older brother Rick.

He also is a craftsman who joined a bricklayer’s union, and also did welding.

In an interview with, he said: “Life has been good with it, it’s a dream come true driving for these guys on No Prep Kings and Street Outlaws.

Jeff reportedly got a leg up with  Street Outlaws in one phone call.

No Prep reported that after he did some work for the 405, he was invited to race.

Big Chief (Justin Shearer) and Shawn Ellington showed him the ropes of No Prep. He said: “I can work from time slips and it’s all in a controlled area so I can work on things and tweak what needs to be. The street is tricky though, you only use 30 percent of your horsepower, and drag week you use it all.”

His rigs include the yellow 57 Chevy and Mad Max, the pro-mod. His son Jeffery has the original 57 and drives the Civic. He also has a 1986 IROC-Z, which he plans to make as a tribute car to the original IROC that his dad Jeff owned.

His Facebook page is filled with tour dates and racing exhibitions for fans to meet him too.

No Prep reporter Donna Gergasko claims that Jeff is a devoted dad and husband and even has his grandmother cheering him on the sidelines too.

The series sees the OKC racing team headed by Big Chief as they field challenges from qualified drivers from Maine to Texas to Kansas City to California – all in a bid to score cold hard cash and then, of course, the huge payday of titles and shameless bragging rights to goad the losers.

Big Chief also takes his crew and cred on the road, where he has exhibition races in other cities too, leaving his home turf behind.

Watch the finale tonight to see how Lutz stacks against his friend and rival Big Chief.

Street Outlaws airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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