Stranger Things season 4: Demogorgons to see massive change after Russian influence?

Stranger Things brought fans to their knees in the final moments of the third season earlier this year. After Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour) was killed off, his return was heavily hinted at in the post-credit scenes, which took place in a Russian facility. After the Russians spoke about “The American” they took an unfortunate prisoner to a cage.

The prisoner sat in this cage for a short amount of time before a door was opened, and a Demodog was welcomed in.

Fans will remember the Demodogs are Demogorgons in the teenage stage of their life cycle.

This does not make them any less dangerous, however, as the show has previously shown Demodogs rip people apart – including Bob Newby (Sean Austin).

The scene in question proved the Russians knew how to capture or breed Demogorgons, making them the main threat for season four.

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However, fans have now pointed out this scene also shows off something else extremely important.

Viewers have now begun explaining this Demodog is not the same type that fans are used to.

While the Demodogs are usually darker with muted colours, the Demodog in question was much lighter in colour, and therefore stood out.

Reddit user Jack21113 pointed out: “At the end of S3 it shows a white Demodog but every other is blackish grey.”

It is entirely possible the Russians are working on breeding or capturing Demodogs, but the fan went on to suggest they were doing something even more sinister with the other-worldly character.

They continued: “Maybe the Russians are genetically modifying the Demodogs to be a weapon.”

If the scientists were somehow crafting a new species of Demodogs, they may be able to control them.

This would certainly be a worst case scenario for the team, as they were already being tracked down by regular Demodogs – but ones controlled by their foes would be disastrous.

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Could season four be focussing on Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and her friends being stalked by these new creatures?

Meanwhile, other fans have been suggesting the first three seasons have been dropping hints about the connection between the Upside Down and electricity.

Reddit user GDzie_to explained this was a huge piece of season one, as Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) attempted to contact her son in with the christmas lights.

They went on to say: “How come the Upside Down interferes with the work of electronic devices and connects with them?


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“Was it ever explained in a logical way? Or maybe it simply happens ‘just because’, so that things could get stranger?”

“In fact, tech devices play a vital role in the show. We had those blinking lights, phones, walkie talkies, video camera, gaming machines.

“Eleven had TV or radio turned on to strengthen her abilities. And of course there was Cerebro that helped to deliver the Planck’s Constant.”

Stranger Things seasons 1-3 are available on Netflix. 

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