Star Wars 9 Rise of Skywalker: New title shock DESTROYS hopes for Anakin and Vader return

There was huge excitement when a translation emerged of the Polish title for Star Wars 9, “Skywalker Odrodzenie.” One Polish fan posted that it literally meant ” Skywalker Resurrection.” Suddenly, it was looking like all the signs were pointing to Luke or Anakin somehow not just coming back, but coming back to life. This was then backed up by a very detailed and impressive revelation.

Redditor vaderr1 wrote: “The Skywalker in the title The Rise of Skywalker is not referring to a new order of force wielders because it doesn’t make sense grammatically.” The theory adds: “Anakin Skywalker is indeed the Skywalker being mentioned.”

All the odds are on Luke coming back as a Force Ghost, although potentially with real-world powers like Yoda demonstrated in The Last Jedi. But many fans believe Palpatine will return by actually possessing a Dark side acolyte, most likely a knight of Ren.

This could open the door for the return of Darth Vader/Anakin for one last showdown, as the resurrected Skywalker of the title. 

A new foreign title just dashed those hopes.

The Japanese title translation for The Rise of Skywalker has been revealed and suddenly throws everything back up into the air.

This latest variation of the Star Wars 9 moniker is actually Dawn of Skywalker, making the Polish translation more likely to be Skywalker Revival or Renewal

This certainly pulls the idea back around to the concept of a new era of Force wielders inspired by the example and myth of Luke. 

The filmmakers have already spoken of the idea that Luke ends up being a figurehead for a new galaxy-wide movement. He was already an almost mythical figure to Rey and Finn and The Force Awakens. The fact he never saw himself as such is irrelevant.

Even so, it would be particularly appropriate and a nice full circle back to where it all began if his death and sacrifice have made him into the New Hope itself.


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