Spoilers: Corrie star reveals surprise Shona and David ending amid return

David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) is set to be hit with a blast from the past in Coronation Street when Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) returns to the Platt household. But as she has no memories of her life with her husband or even who she is, the couple face an uphill struggle to get back on track,

That said, with show boss Iain MacLeod recently hinting that all would end well in the long run, Shona enthused to Metro.co.uk: ‘They’re starting from scratch and he has an uphill struggle as she is really stepping back from him. I think it will require a lot of teamwork from them.

‘It will be lovely to see them fall back in love starting from a very plain ground. I’m looking forward to it, it’s quite nice.

‘The nature of the injury has changed her personality so she is more volatile than before. It will potentially come across that she is cold and mean to David but it’s not that. That’s where goes to – 1 to 100 in seconds. The bouncy Shona we used to know may not be as bouncy.

‘Another wedding would be great – the last wedding was interesting to say the least. Seeing David in a suit and tie and not at the bistro, who knows. It’s nice to know there will be challenging times for them – they work best together when they have something to overcome. But to have a warm fuzzy feeling of a happy ending is nice.’

However, it seems like it’s definitely going to be a long journey to get there as Julia admits that her alter ego is understandably overwhelmed. The last she remembers of her son Clayton is as a young teenager – and she doesn’t remember anyone on the Street at all.

She sighed: ‘She has no idea who David is – she feels very indifferent. She has no recollection so she’s quite scared – he’s very familiar with her and she’s been told she’s married to him but she has no idea.

‘She remembers Clayton and requests to see him. She remembers him as a lot younger than he is. He’s around 20/21 currently but she remembers him as an early teenager. It’s quite a shock to see him. Her care worker Alice does forewarn her that he will look different.

‘As an actor, it’s been quite difficult for me personally as I portray such a different character at the moment. The usual rapport and banter that they have is completely different. It’s a constant battle to remember not to be too familiar. As people, we’re still great pals and off camera it’s all normal again.

‘With everybody I have been working with, she has no recollection of anyone on the Street. It’s been a challenging thing to do to play the same character with a completely different personality and reactions. Due to the nature of the brain injury her reactions are enhanced. Before, she would bat a small thing away but now she can react in an explosive manner.’

And Julia added that becoming a real life mum herself has given her a deeper perspective of what it must be like for Shona.

The actress mused: ‘It’s funny as in preparation for seeing Clayton – I have recently had a baby of my own and imagine waking up and seeing Franklin being 10 years old. With no memory – how distressing that would be to lose those years. Now I am mother it has put me on another level with this.

‘She still believes that she lives in the Dog and Gun Estate. Suddenly being plucked from what you remember and landing in this Street with people you don’t know but they know you it’s really daunting. She is really giving it a go.’

And with Shona’s personality, we may also recognise the first physical version of Shona who entered Weatherfield.


Julia added: ‘She’s still Shona underneath. The essence of her is still there as is her fashion sense. I spoke to makeup and costume and we discussed taking her back to the Shona we first met 3 and half years ago.

‘She’s more grungey and heavier with eye make up and the Doc Martins are still there. She’s not an Ugg boot wearer, she’s sturdier than that! It lets the audience know which Shona they’re receiving.’

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