Spider-Man Far From Home: Did Tom Holland just tease how Tony Stark will feature?

Next week, Avengers Endgame follow-up Spider-Man Far From Home is released. The new solo movie for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker sees the Web Slinger coming to terms with Iron Man’s death. And now a new featurette for the movie may have teased how Tony Stark will have a role beyond the grave. The behind-the-scenes look sees Holland talking through Spidey’s suits in the new movie, with the red and black one being particularly interesting.

Holland says: “So the black and red suit is like wearing a work of art.

“It looks so realistic that it looks like you should be able to climb walls and you should be able to shoot webs.

“And the way that it’s made is a homage to the godfather of the MCU [, Iron Man].”

The footage began with Peter in need of a new suit, so Happy Hogan allows Peter access to a Stark Tech lab.


No doubt, this is the same crafting technology Tony used to create the Iron Spider suit worn by Peter in Avengers Infinity War.


Holland said the way it’s made is a homage to Iron Man, but with rumours that Robert Downey Jr’s Tony will feature in the movie – perhaps it has something to do with this suit.

Certainly, fans have been speculating that there was a posthumous message from Tony through his glasses that Peter is seen shocked by in the main trailer.

While a verified Marvel leaker has teased there may be more to it than that.


TheMarvelScoopMaster wrote on Reddit: “I have heard he is the AI when Peter puts on glasses but cannot confirm.”

Assuming this is true, it sounds like Tony will be Spider-Man’s new AI in his new suit – i.e. the red and black one he’s made with Stark tech?

This would mean his mentor would be with him always, giving him advice throughout Spider-Man Far From Home.

Spider-Man Far From Home is released in UK cinemas on July 2.

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