Snowpiercer spoilers: Ruth ‘to take over’ from Mel as the voice of Mr Wilford

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The vast post-apocalyptic train known as the Snowpiercer becomes the stage for class warfare and a thrilling murder mystery in the new series for TNT. As the sci-fi drama also airs internationally on Netflix, fans may have worked out one of the biggest twists to come in the season finale.

In the latest chapter, The Universe is Indifferent, head of Hospitality and voice of Mr Wilford, Melanie Cavill (played by Jennifer Connelly) continued to exert her control over the Snowpiercer.

After detective Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) escapes the Drawers, Melanie brutally tortures Third Class passenger Josie (Katie McGuinness) for information on Andre’s whereabouts.

Josie refuses to give up her fellow ‘Tailie’, but is tragically killed when frozen air from the outside leaks into her locked prison cell.

Despite demonstrating her cruelty and power over the Snowpiercer’s passengers in episode seven, some fans have speculated her position at the head of the train could be coming to an end.


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In the latest instalment, fans also learned more about Melanie’s deputy, Ruth Wardell (Alison Wright), who used to run a bed and breakfast before the global extinction.

English actress Alison Wright uses her natural Sunderland accent and dons a fur coat as a homage to Tilda Swinton’s similar character, Minister Mason, in Bong Joon-ho’s original film.

Mason answers directly to Mr Wilford in the 2013 film, who is confirmed to be a real person played by Hollywood star Ed Harris.

Moreover, fans have noticed Ruth hasn’t been entirely on board with Melanie’s methods of oppressing the tail end of the Snowpiercer.

Some viewers took to Reddit to propose later episodes could see a changeover in the train’s chain of command.

Redditor louisturvey1991 posted: “I really didn’t like Ruth at the start – the way she treated the Tailies – but the past few episodes I’ve noticed she’s kinda not sure about Mel.

“And now First Class and the Sergeant want her to be in charge. I think she should!”

In episode seven, Ruth’s pleasant date with Commander Nolan (Timothy V. Murphy) is derailed when Lead Brakeman Roche (Mike O’Malley) attempts to enlist her into a rebellion against Melanie.

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At first, Ruth is reluctant, but an unpleasant exchange with the head of Hospitality later persuades her to change her mind.

If their attempt to overthrow Melanie from the reigns of the cockpit is successful, Ruth could parallel Minister Mason’s role in the film and become the new voice for Mr Wilford for season two.

Although Ruth hasn’t resorted to torture against the ‘Tailies’, another fan proposed another theory to explain why the deputy holds just as much disdain for the Third Class stowaways.

They suggested: “I suspect Mel is from a very poor background and this is why she despises Tailies so much.”


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“People are always more aggressive towards poor people when they used to be part of them because they want to dissociate themselves from them.”

Ruth’s promotion to the head of the Snowpiercer would be a fitting end for the first outing and perfectly sets the stage for more class warfare and revelations to come in the confirmed season two.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Connelly is confirmed to return for a second season, though Melanie could find herself in a radically different position when the series returns.

Snowpiercer season 1 continues Sundays on TNT and the following Monday on Netflix.

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