Sexy Beasts: Are James and Alexis still together?

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Netflix’s Sexy Beasts is a dating show with an unusual twist. The hit series sees singletons disguised as animals and other creatures through the use of prosthetics so their dates have no idea what they really look like. In the latest season, fans saw James and Alexis couple up, but many are wondering if they are still together. has all the details.

Sexy Beasts has a unique concept for dating, as one individual gets to date three mystery people and choose their favourite based on personality alone.

At the end of each episode, the daters get to see whether the choice they made based on personality matches up with the choice they would have made based on looks.

One episode in the new series saw singleton James spoilt for choice when he first appeared on the hit dating show.

Sexy Beast viewers saw James don a beaver costume while he went on romantic adventures with three mystery women.

His dating options were: Timiko who was disguised as a zombie, Amber who was sporting a pixie costume and Alexis who was dressed as a leopard.

After going on dates with each of the women and carefully considering his choices, James eventually decided he had the best connection with Alexis.

After making the difficult decision, the pair finally got to see what each other looked like in real life.

But, after watching the seemingly happy pair couple up on the show, many viewers are wondering what happened next.

Are James and Alexis still together?

Alexis, who is an NYC law student, stole James’ heart on the show after impressing him on their dates.

James seemed to be even more pleased when Alexis’ real appearance was revealed at the end of the show.

Speaking about the future of their relationship on the show, Alexis remarked: “I am super ecstatic. He seems like a great guy and I just can’t wait to see where this goes.”

Viewers were hopeful that the pair would last after the show, but it seems their relationship has sadly come to an end.

Alexis’ Instagram features numerous pictures of her with a different man.

The 26-year-old is pictured with the same individual in multiple posts which she has accompanied with romantic captions.

While neither James nor Alexis have discussed the status of their relationship, from their social media activities it looks as though they are no longer together.

Meanwhile, fans may be keen to hear about the other couples who took part in the series.

New-York based model, Emma, was a fan-favourite who ended up choosing Bennett the Mandrill as her partner.

The pair left audiences cringing as they shared a kiss while in full costume at a theme park.

As for whether they are still an item, it seems their relationship did not work out as Emma said she was “happily single” on Instagram.

Miss New Jersey star Kariselle chose Tyler the Alien as her sexy beast and they are still in contact with each other today.

They have not indicated whether they are still in a relationship, but they seem to be on good terms.

Ibrahim chose Gabi the Owl as his date but she decided to ‘friend-zone’ him and it looks as if she is now dating someone else.

Nina chose Mick the Rhino and as they live near each other in California, their relationship could still be going strong, although nothing has been confirmed.

Kelechi chose Martha the Reindeer as his date but sadly distance kept them apart, with Martha in the UK and Kelechi in Knoxville.

Sexy Beasts is available to stream on Netflix now.

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