Seven huge EastEnders spoilers for next week including Honey's date horror and Ruby's revenge

RUBY Allen and Suki Panesar team up to destroy the Slaters next week in EastEnders.

Here’s the lowdown on Ruby’s revenge and everything else that’s happening next week in the BBC One soap…

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1. Billy gets protective

Viewers will see Honey heading off to meet a man named Paul for a date next week in EastEnders after finally getting over her cheating ex Adam.

But on her way, Honey bumps into her ex Billy.

Later, Billy confides in Jay about his concerns that Honey might get hurt.

2. Honey’s drink is spiked

Meanwhile, with everything seemingly going swimmingly with Paul, Honey agrees to a second date. 

But unbeknownst to Honey, Paul spikes her drink. 

Could Honey be in grave danger?

Will Billy come to Honey's rescue?

3. Kush steals from Ruby

Ruby is shocked when she spots Kush stealing from the till at the club to feed his gambling problem.

Ruby decides to give him the benefit of the doubt and later tells him to put back whatever he took.

But when Kush denies the theft, Ruby is fuming and vows to get her revenge.

4. Ruby teams up with Suki 

Seething over the Slaters, Ruby approaches Suki and suggests an alliance to drive the family out of Walford. 

Suki agrees and arranges a poker night with Vinny and Kheerat at Ruby’s.

But Kush is suspicious of Suki and declines the offer. 

But later, Kush turns up at the club and finds the Panesars ready to play. 

Unable to resist, Kush is drawn into the game. 

Might Suki be planning on bleeding Kush dry and driving the Slaters out of Walford?

5. Mick spirals

When Sonia overhears Mick snapping at Linda, she realises something is up and assures him he’s a good dad during a heart-to-heart. 

Later, Shirley tries to talk to Mick at The Vic, but he snaps at her and tells her she was never there for him when he needed her. 

Shirley is shocked and shouts back at Mick, telling him not to dare to play the victim. 

Will Mick tell her that he's realised he was abused in care?

6. Shirley steals Sonia’s car

Meanwhile, Sonia is unsure what to do with the new car she’s been gifted by one of her patients.

And when Shirley offers to pay £3,000 for it, Mick is shocked and points out it’s worth loads more. 

When Mick and Sonia leave, Shirley takes the car keys.

Later, Shirley offers Gray a job with the Michell family business. 

What's she up to?

7. Max offers Linda a job

Max offers Linda a lunch shift at the restaurant after hearing about her financial woes. 

When Linda tells Mick about it, he’s disinterested and snaps at her when she presses him for a response.

With Mick acting up, Linda later takes Max up on his offer. 

Having recently bonded and shared a passionate kiss, might the pair be about to start an affair?

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