See youre lecturing people! Kay Burley erupts at Andy Burnham amid winter flu jab probe

Dr Hilary says getting COVID-19 booster jabs is 'easier'

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The Mayor of Greater Manchester was cornered on Sky News over the take-up of the NHS winter flu vaccine by host Kay Burley. Speaking at COP26 in Glasgow, Mr Burham argued that seasonal flu was as big a threat as Covid this winter in the push to avoid another lockdown. However, when pressed on whether he had received a flu vaccine, the Labour mayor admitted he had not yet organised a jab leading Ms Burley to argue he was “lecturing” Britons. 

Mr Burham told Sky News: “You know, we’ve got a difficult winter ahead of us.

“And the thing is, Kay, you mentioned what about COVID? Well, it’s not just going to be COVID is it’s going to be flu, it’s going to be all of those seasonal viruses, flu.

Ms Burley grilled the mayor: “Have you had your jabs?

“No, but I’ve had my double job but I’m waiting for the booster which I’ve not yet had but I’m gonna have that at the same time,” said Mr Burnham

“Okay, so you lecturing people,” blasted the Sky News host.


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