Sam Heughan salary: How much is Outlander star paid per episode?

Sam Heughan stars as Highland warrior Jamie Fraser in Outlander on Starz. The series is an adaption of Diana Gabaldon’s historical time travel series of the same name. Season four concluded in January 2019 and fans are eagerly waiting for the fifth series to arrive.

How much is Outlander’s Sam Heughan paid per episode?

Outlander on Starz has been running for five years and Sam Heughan has starred in every episode as Jamie Fraser.

Heughan and the cast and crew of Outlander are currently filming the fifth series of the show in Scotland.

Heughan is not only returning to his lead role for the fifth season, but he is also serving as producer.

According to Variety, in 2017 Heughan was paid $100,000 [£80,736.50] per episode of Outlander.


Each season of Outlander has 10 episodes, which means Heughan is taking home over $1million per season.

As Heughan is serving as a producer for several episodes on season five of Outlander, it is likely his salary will increase significantly.

According to, Heughan is expected to be worth between $5million [£4,036,825.00] and $6million [£4,844,190.00].

Most of his earnings come from Outlander but he has also starred in other projects, including the 2018 film The Spy Who Dumped Me starring Mila Kunis.


Heughan’s co-star Caitriona Balfe will serve as a producer this season.

Heughan and Balfe have previously spoken about their interest in directing an episode of Outlander in the future.

They will not direct this season but season six of Outlander has already been given the green light, so maybe they will make the move next season.

If Heughan begins directing some episodes of Outlander in the future, his income per episode is only going to increase.


When is Outlander season 5 out?

Starz has not yet confirmed a release date for Outlander season five.

Production for the fifth season of Outlander began on June 24, 2019.

The fifth season of Outlander is expected to premiere in early 2020.

Unfortunately, it is hard to predict when the new series will air exactly.

The first season of Outlander aired in August 2014 and the second half in April 2015.

Season two prewired in April 2016, season three in September 2017 and season four in November 2018. will update this article when more information is available.

Outlander season 5 is in production.

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