Ross Kemp Britain’s Volunteer Army air date: When does Ross Kemp’s BBC series start?

The BBC has commissioned a raft of programming in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has sent Britain into lockdown. Among the shows to get the greenlight is Ross Kemp: Britain’s Volunteer Army, a heart-warming documentary series paying tribute to those facing the health crisis head-on. has everything you need to know about the new programme.

When does Ross Kemp: Britain’s Volunteer Army start on the BBC? has approached the BBC for a transmission date but the series is expected to be airing soon during the day.

Ross Kemp: Britain’s Volunteer Army has five episodes in total which will be airing on BBC One and available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

The show will look at the heroic efforts of some of Britain’s 750,000 volunteers helping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kemp will be joining the volunteers and lending a hand in his local neighbourhood in these uncertain times.


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The programme will be offering hope at the nation bonds together to fight the infection.

Speaking about the show, Kemp said: “It makes me immensely proud to see the British public mobilising in their thousands to come to the assistance of the vulnerable in our society, and the NHS, in their time of need.

“This pandemic has produced all sorts of unlikely heroes and it will be a real privilege to meet some of them and celebrate their selfless work.”

Over the course of the series, viewers will see the vital work of volunteers up and down the nation doing their bit from helping to buy groceries for the vulnerable to transporting life-saving equipment to hospitals.

Audiences can expect life-affirming stories amid the health crisis as NHS workers and volunteers from all walks of life work with each other.

Ross Kemp: Britain’s Volunteer Army is just one of several shows to be commissioned by the BBC during the coronavirus pandemic.

Saving Our Nurses explores the NHS nursing crisis which began long before the coronavirus outbreak with one in five of these vital workers leaving the profession each year.

Following a group of experienced nurses, the show sees their life-saving work in the weeks before the outbreak hit Britain and the NHS.

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The five-part series will be airing on BBC One in the morning and look at how one NHS trust introduced a new scheme in a bid to retain nursing staff amid the exodus from the industry.

The Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Queen’s and King George Hospitals, has created a programme called the Senior Intern Scheme.

The ground-breaking new scheme sees newcomers to nursing paired up with an experienced member of staff to mentor them.

Audiences will see whether this new scheme can help keep some of our most important health professionals within the industry.


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Finally, another new programme on the BBC’s roster is Our Finest Hours, which will be narrated by BBC newscaster Sophie Raworth.

The series features wartime archival footage as well as more contemporary material, showing how Britain has pulled through in times of crisis with kindness and resilience.

Across the five episodes, Our Finest Hours will offer strength in the face of adversity.

Each of the programmes in Our Finest Hours will also be delving into the impact of COVID-19 across all strata of society including business and communities.

The show will explore various crises which have faced the country in the past.

Ross Kemp: Britain’s Volunteer Army will air on BBC One later this year

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