Riverdale season 4 cast: How old are the cast of Riverdale in real life?

Riverdale has been on our screens since 2017 and a lot has happened in the first four seasons. The main gang made up of Archie Andrews (played by KJ Apa), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) and Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) will all soon be moving on from Riverdale High, either going to college or starting work. So exactly how old are they all in real life? Here are the actual ages of some of the Netflix and The CW show’s beloved actors.

When Riverdale first started, all of the characters were meant to be either 15 or 16.

If the show has been sticking to real time, then they would all be 17 or 18 now which would fit in with underlining storyline of the four friends leaving their Riverdale High days behind.

In the first half of season four, we saw Veronica Lodge thrilled to be accepted into her dream college Harvard but on discovering she may have only been picked because of her father Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos), she turns the place down and chooses to go to Yale instead.

What Archie, Betty and Jughead intend to do afterwards still remains unclear.


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How old are the cast of Riverdale in real life?

Reinhart who plays the blonde enigma Betty was 20 when she started playing the school sophomore and is now 23-years-old.

Apa was still a teenager when he first got the role of Archie at just 19 but is now 22.

Mendes was a little older than the pair of them when she first started, getting the part of Vixen cheerleader-turned-businesswoman at 22 – she is now 25-years-old.

By far the oldest is Sprouse who was 24 when he started playing Jughead and turned 27 in August.

However, he is not the oldest cast member to play a teenager on the teen drama.

Josie McCoy, played by Ashleigh Murray, was Mayor Sierra McCo’s (Née Samuels) and the town’s rising singing sensation.

Despite being 28-years-old when she first joined the cast, Murray was hired to play teenage Josie.

The actress is now 31 and even though she has left the series, her character now stars in spin-off show Katy Keene.

The series is set five years in the future from Riverdale, so Josie is around 22-years-old in the show.


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The second eldest actor among the teenagers in Riverdale is Charles Melton who plays Reggie Mantle.

He was 26 when he first joined the cast and is now 28.

He is followed by Vanessa Morgan who has played Toni Topaz since season two.

She was 25 when her character was first introduced and is now 27-years-old.

Madelaine Petsch who plays fiery redhead Cheryl Blossom is 24, having joined the show at 22 and Casey Cott who stars as Kevin Keller is 26.


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Riverdale will return to The CW and Netflix next week after its annual midseason break.

The first episode is entitled Varsity Blues and from the promo, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Jughead’s rival Bret Weston Wallis (Sean Depner).

Hopefully, viewers will also get more of an insight into who is sending the mysterious video tapes to everyone in Riverdale.

Riverdale season 4 continues on Thursday, January 23, on Netflix.

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