RHOBH’s Erika Jayne storms off camera crying on La Quinta trip as costars learn her 'involvement in Tom’s Ponzi scheme’

REAL Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Erika Jayne stormed off set crying during a La Quinta group trip as her costars learned of her alleged involvement in ex Tom Girardi’s "Ponzi scheme."

During tonight’s explosive new episode of the Bravo series, Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Sutton Stracke, Crystal Kung Minkoff, Garcelle Beauvais and Kathy Hilton learned that their friend’s business is entangled with her ex’s embezzlement scandal. 

During one of their final nights in Kyle’s Palm Springs desert mansion, Erika, 50, broke down in tears and locked herself in the bathroom during a discussion about Tom’s legal troubles.

She soon gets up and abruptly leaves, declaring she’s “going home” back to Los Angeles.

The blonde TV personality left the house in tears as she exits earlier than expecting – leaving her friends stunned and wondering if there’s “more to the story.” 

The following morning, an article by the Los Angeles Times came out that called Tom’s situation a “ponzi scheme.”

In the article, it is also reported that Tom was "improperly funneling" over $20 MILLION into Erika's entertainment business LLC.

Sutton, 49, was the first person who grew suspicious of Erika's stories, saying: “There’s clearly something else going on. So it makes me think, is Erika being honest with us?”

As the other ladies had not yet read the article, Sutton – who went through a high-profile divorce of her own – noted that the fact they "used the word 'Ponzi scheme’" was a very “complication” implication.  

"Is someone going to jail?" Kyle, 52, asked appearing alarmed. 

The Southern beauty quickly replied" "If he's found guilty, yeah. He's going to jail," before adding it's possible for Erika to serve time as well.

She added that "there's going to have to be some reconciliation where she goes to court.”

"If she did receive $20 million from the firm, that money should be going back to all the victims [of the embezzlement case]," Sutton insisted but added that she thought "the money is already gone."

Garcelle then pointed out she "can't imagine this article came out without Erika getting a head's up" beforehand.

"That would explain why she flipped out at me and she left La Quinta," Garcelle added of their fight earlier.


Kyle then agreed that she believed Erika "left" the RHOBH trip because of the article.

"I mean, this article is implying that Erika was complicit and knew everything," Kyle said in a shocked tone.

Sutton then said: "If her name is on that LLC, she is responsible for that LLC. She's responsible for where the money comes from."

The reality star begged the question if they all had "been slightly duped by the lies."

"It's almost as if we don't know her at all," Dorit said disappointed.

After the ladies trip, Sutton called for an emergency meeting about the situation with the entire cast except Erika.

Sutton, who appeared anxious, told the group: "I left La Quinta thinking something's amiss.

"I think we are being placed in a bad position. I think that we have heard stories that, to me, don't add up.

"I left yesterday very concerned. And then I started thinking, and my alarms went off, and red flags started flying everywhere."


She then asked: "I'm like, what have we gotten ourselves into?"

Kyle chimed in to clarify: "It basically sounds like you're saying, 'I don't believe you, Erika, and I think you're guilty.'"

"Yeah I have questions. I am not sure how much I want to be around my friend during this time," Sutton claimed as the episode ended.

Last year, Tom and Erika were sued for allegedly embezzling millions from the families of plane crash victims.

A report filed by an independent trustee investigating the firm’s assets claimed Tom’s company is in major debt and still owes $26million to “anywhere from dozens to hundreds of clients.”

Previously, Erika was accused of “hiding her bank statements," as a trustee's special litigation counsel previously confirmed that Tom’s law firm transferred an eye-opening $20 million to her LLC.

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