Rebecca Adlington gives birth to baby boy Albie as she shares adorable snap of the newborn

REBECCA Adlington has given birth to a baby boy called Albie.

The former Olympic swimmer, 31, announced her happy news on Instagram by sharing an adorable picture of her newborn.

Albie Bennett Parsons, who was born today, is her first child with boyfriend Andrew Parsons.

Alongside the picture, she wrote: "Welcome to the world Albie Bennett Parsons. 4.3.21."

Becca's celeb pals sent their will wishes, with Jess Ennis-Hill writing: "Congratulations."

Actress Catherine Tyldesley posted: "Oh darling!!! He’s so beautiful! Congratulations."

While EastEnders' Louisa Lytton commented: "So perfect."

Becca met facilities manager Andrew on dating app Bumble in January 2018.

She already has a five-year-old daughter called Summer with ex-husband Harry Needs.

The former couple split up in 2016 after 18 months of marriage.

But Harry stayed in close contact with Summer during lockdown.

Becca said: “It was hard at times, don’t get me wrong, but I look at it now and think we’ll never get that time back and it was the situation we are in.

“And Summer didn’t know any different.

“Kids are way more adaptable and flexible than us adults. She took everything in her stride.”

Becca stood by Harry when he came out as bisexual on Fathers’ Day last year.

Harry revealed he had never told Becca about his sexuality during their marriage, or their five-year relationship prior to that.

He added: “I only talked to Rebecca about my sexuality as a friend after we had amicably separated.

“I never felt I deceived her, because I loved her and, like I already said, I never had the time to discover my full sexuality.

“Becky and I are extremely supportive of each other, and our lives now revolve around Summer who is our main priority.”

Becca echoed Harry’s sentiments, and revealed how their different parenting styles work well together — with her being the big softy.

She said: “We call it good cop and bad cop. When she was born everyone thought I would be the bad cop — because of my sports background, I am quite tough.

“I’m like, ‘No, let’s do it, we can do this’. That is my kind of mentality. To be a sportsperson you have to be like that.

“And I think everyone was like, ‘Bec is going to be the bad cop’.

“But I am definitely not the bad cop. I get told off for being too soft with Summer.

“But I can’t help it, my maternal instinct comes out and I can’t do it.”

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