Power season 6: Fans convinced Tommy Egan is dead after Tasha bombshell

Episode 12 of the final ever season of Power on Starz focussed on the story of Paz (played by Elizabeth Rodriguez) as she set out on the warpath to discover the truth about her sister Angela’s (Lela Loren) death. In doing so, Paz was cleared as a suspect in the murder of James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick) as well as discovering Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) was the man who pulled the trigger on her sibling. However, as the episode drew to a close, Paz was robbed of her revenge as Tommy seemingly vanished.

Paz was unable to avenge her sister’s death in the final moments of episode 12 as she entered Tommy’s empty apartment.

Angela’s sister had vowed numerous times earlier in the Starz series to kill the person responsible and was determined to take out Tommy.

Therefore, when she entered his unlocked apartment to find it empty, emotions boiled over as she broke down in tears.

While Paz didn’t get the chance to kill Tommy, the way she found out the truth about Angela’s death has left Power fans everywhere convinced he’s already dead.


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Paz discovered exactly what happened to Angela courtesy of Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton).

The pair crossed paths while meeting with Ghost’s lawyer to discover the wishes of his will.

When Tasha cornered Paz, she revealed it was Tommy who shot Angela in the chest.

After Paz was reluctant to take Ghost’s money, Tasha said: “You need the money and James didn’t kill her,”

Paz continued to blame Ghost for Angela’s murder but Tasha stood her ground and said: “No, he’s not (responsible). Tommy is.

“Tommy is the one who killed Angela,” Tasha added.

Paz was left understandably broken by the revelation and quickly made her way to Tommy’s apartment only to discover he had gone.

However, the fact Tasha decided to snitch on Tommy in the first place has left fans convinced it’s because he’s already dead.

Taking to Twitter once the episode had aired, one fan explained: “Just saw #Power! I have a theory.

“Tasha told Paz that Tommy killed Angela cuz Tommy is dead. Tommy’s mom was getting his will.

“She was in the lawyer’s office. The DNC had James faked death for votes. Judge Tapper is crooked/got Warner fired/had Dre killed.”

A second eagle-eyed fan queried: “Tommy’s door is open? So is Tommy dead? #Power.”

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While a third also questioned: “#Power so wait Tommy is dead?”

Should Tommy have died, it would explain why Tasha gave up the information that he was Angela’s killer.

Despite Ghost’s exploits, Tasha and Tommy continued to work in cahoots and maintained their bond.

Why else would Tasha have snitched on Tommy if it could have dire repercussions?

Power season 6 continues every Sunday on Starz and Monday on Netflix UK.

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