Piers Morgan begs Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get a haircut 'for the country' and says it's a 'national crisis'

PIERS Morgan begged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get a haircut "for the country" and labelled his current look "a national crisis".

The Good Morning Britain, 55, claimed that the Prime Minister's partner Carrie Symonds has acquired scissors to cut his hair following his press conference last night.

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The PM outlined a cautious roadmap to get the UK out of lockdown yesterday – with hairdressers finally opening on April 12.

Susanna said on GMB this morning: "The Sun this morning does a countdown to when, for instance, we might get a haircut because Boris' hair was looking a little-"

Piers interjected: "He literally has become Wurzel Gummidge. Can we beam in on Wurzel?"

Susanna added: "It's 48 days until you can get a haircut Boris."

Piers then continued: "Now I am told on good authority – I don't want to want to be breaching any trade secrets here – but I'm told by sources close to the Prime Minister that some scissors may have already made their way to Downing Street, to the private quarters of the Prime Minister.

"And his other half, Carrie Symonds, may be contemplating using them on the Prime Ministerial bonce.

"I have just suggested it is a national crisis. Because where does his hair go in the next six or seven weeks. There are spouses all over the country getting the scissors out and having a go.

"My question for Carrie Symonds is: could it honestly get any worse? Could that hair look any more ridiculous? What I'm saying Carrie, is do it for your country. Do it for your country."

During his speech last night, the Prime Minister insisted the extraordinarliy successful vaccines program would throw a "shield" round the entire population.

Boris vowed: "There is light ahead, leading us to a spring and the summer, which I think will be seasons of hope, looking and feeling incomparably better for us all and from which we will not go back."

The blueprint will see pub gardens, hairdressers, gyms and shops shut until April 12 — another 48 days.

Families and friends will have to wait even longer, until  May 17, to hug one another or stay overnight in each other’s homes.

And it will be a total of 118 days before we reach June 21 — the  earliest date all restrictions will be lifted in what is already being  dubbed “independence day”.

Social distancing and masks could still be used for months more and vaccine passports may be required for a full return to normality,  as the PM warned we must learn to live with the virus forever.

But he insisted “the end really is in sight” and “a wretched year will soon give way to spring and summer  very different to today”.

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