Phillip Schofield sparks This Morning fix fury with Spin to Win

This Morning: Phillip Schofield jokes about ‘Spin to Win’ wheel

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Phillip Schofield upset This Morning viewers on Tuesday as some accused him of “fixing” the Spin to Win competition to help the winner win the day’s top prize. Frustrated fans of the ITV show took to Twitter to hit out at Phillip for seemingly stepping in and altering the game’s outcome.

On Tuesday’s show, the caller was asked if they wanted a spin of the wheel or a pick of the tombola balls.

The viewer opted for the wheel which was spun by an enthusiastic Phillip.

As the marker got to £3,000, which was the top prize of the day, the host shouted: “Stop!”

The camera zoomed into the wheel which appeared to stop suddenly on the biggest prize.

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“It stopped so quickly,” Phillip quipped. “It’s incredible.”

Although viewers could not see Phillip manhandling the wheel, many accused him of being behind the wheel’s abrupt stop.

Mostlystupid tweeted: “For f**k’s sake, Phil – what’s the point. Why not give them the cash and save the spin if you’re going to fix the game #ThisMorning.”

Allen_rob agreed: “Such a farce this competition. #thismorning.”

Itt39354118 echoed: “Phil feeling [generous] stopping the wheel #thismorning.”

“B*****ks he stopped that fraud #thismorning,” Deanobeanos wrote.

S829MLY shared: “Surely Phil stopping the wheel in a competition is illegal.. @thismorning @ITV #ThisMorning.”

“Are you allowed to rig spin to win like that? Imagine being the chosen one tomorrow and Phil doesn’t rig it for you. #ThisMorning,” Chrisjlatimer vented.

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Elsewhere on Tuesday’s show, guest Dr Nadia Alibhai was seen walking off after joking around with Holly and Phillip.

Nadia was giving viewers advice on how to get moving despite freezing temperatures with some easy demonstrations.

Holly and Phillip thanked Nadia with the latter adding: “Drive carefully.

“When you get home, make sure when you go round to see your parents you don’t run over any deer in the driveway.”

“Stop, stop it,” she replied before hitting her knee as she walked off the set.

“They are going to kill me,” she added as Phillip commented: “She’s off, see you later.”

Holly said: “Oh bye,” as Nadia, thinking she was out of shot, was caught mouthing: “Was that live?”

“I don’t know,” Phillip replied while shrugging his shoulders at the camera.

This Morning airs on ITV on weekdays at 10am.

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