Phillip Schofield fears coronavirus and may ‘self-isolate’ after trip with wife

Phillip Schofield has revealed his concerns over coronavirus and questioned whether he should "self-isolate".

The presenter explained that he had been on a special family trip to Paris last week with his wife and daughters.

The first case of coronavirus in Europe was reported in France last month and the first and only death in the country was confirmed on February 15.

Fresh from his family break to the French capital, Phillip questioned whether This Morning should be "shut down" after his family break to the French capital.

During a discussion on coronavirus, Phillip said: "Last week I was in Paris, so do I put myself in self isolation? Do we shut down this place?"

The presenter was joined in the studio by Nick Ferrari and Nicola Thorp, who admitted the guidelines "don't seem to be particularly clear for everybody".

She said: "It does seem like we're constantly talking about coronavirus without talking about the implications of how it could be spreading."

Nicola also admitted she had sympathy for parents who have to cope with their children being sent home from school.

The former Coronation Street actress added: "What about these poor parents who suddenly have to… and the kids are going to be hanging out, possibly together, back at home."

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Phillip had spent a magical few days in Paris during the half-term break with his wife, Steph, and their two daughters.

The foursome spent some quality time together in the French capital, with the silver fox sharing plenty of pictures of their family holiday.

Phillip and Steph had massive grins on their faces as they posed in front of the Eiffel Tower and were snapped in a magical love-themed forest with their girls.

On Wednesday's This Morning, Phillip and co-host Holly Willoughby were also joined by Virologist Stephen Griffin.

Giving his advice, Stephen explained: "Seasonal influenza is still a major health concern.

"One piece of advice is if you can get the flu vaccine, get it, because then you know that you're not going to have flu and you won't confuse those symptoms with potential coronavirus.

"We still need to be vigilant of all the other nasties during the flu months.

"They are entirely different virus. The vaccine and drugs we have against influenza won't protect you against coronavirus."

The Foreign Commonwealth Office's current guidelines for travellers are: "There is an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus. The virus originated in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China…

"But cases have been confirmed in other parts of China and in some other countries, including France. You should comply with any additional screening measures put in place by the authorities."

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan has also admitted that she is terrified over the coronavirus outbreak as she is set to go on a cruise with her sisters to Italy.

Speaking on today's panel, she said: "I'm actually worried because on Friday I'm about to embark on a cruise with my sisters for a new TV programme that goes around Italy!

And I thought I wasn't worried but because everything has come out about Italy now – it's mainly northern Italy at the moment but I'm like, they're saying that but…"

Coleen joked she was already worried about going on tour with her sisters for two weeks – let alone another two in Quarantine.

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