Peter Andre reveals daughter Princess's incredible birthday cake as mum Katie Price sends her sweet message from Spain

PETER Andre pulled out all the stops for his daughter Princess’ birthday cake as she turned 14 yesterday.

The singer, 48, revealed the incredible sweet treat, which featured thousands of crystals and sparkling silver glitter.

He revealed that his cousin had made the cake – just weeks after she whipped up an epic one for Junior’s 16th birthday.

Peter wrote: “A cake fit for a Princess. My wonderful cousin has done it again. Thanks Cuz and @[email protected]_andre .”

The teen spent the day with Pete, as mum Kate, 43, is currently in Spain recovering from full-body lipo.

Mum-of-five Katie made up for her absence with a lovely message, branding her  a “dream daughter”.

She wrote: “Happy Birthday to my mini me @officialprincess_andre who since born has been my absolute Princess we do everything together share everything my best friend and absolutely beautiful inside and out she is a dream daughter.

" I love you Princess 👸 love mummy xx.”

Pete also shared a touching message as he admitted he was struggling with her growing up so quickly. 

He wrote: Honestly, you’re growing up far too fast for my liking 😱. BUT, you are the best. You really are.

"Always making me laugh and a heart of gold 🧡. Love you so much. Happy 14th birthday beautiful @officialprincess_andre.”

Over the weekend, Peter threw Princess an epic garden party for her friends, as he erected a huge bell tent with a sofa area set up inside.

It was decorated with a stunning balloon arch in muted pink and nude colours, which created a girly, yet sophisticated theme.

For the picnic area, there was a wooden table surrounded by piles of fluffy cushions and dressed with china plates and dried flowers.

Sharing the images of the set up, Pete wrote: “My daughter's 14th birthday (it’s not until Tuesday) was underway with her friends. She’s so happy. More coming… watch this space. @officialprincess_andre.”

He will be sharing the footage with fans on his YouTube page once again.

Princess and Junior are very close with dad Pete and his wife Emily and their two children Amelia and Theo.

The teens often appear alongside their dad in his YouTube videos – showing people their lovely close bonds. 

The singer previously revealed he has had to learn not to be stricter with Princess just because she is a girl.

He explained to new! Magazine: "I think the old me would have been but Emily has talked a lot of sense into me over the years.

"I was brought up as one of five brothers with one sister and there were so many things the girl couldn't do, while us boys could do whatever we wanted.

"Emily has made me see that whatever rules I set for my daughters I need to set for my sons too."


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