Pembrokeshire Murders viewers divided over ‘distracting’ and ‘odd’ Welsh accents

Part two of Pembrokeshire Murders dug deeper into the real-life true story of serial killer John Cooper, who was convicted and sentenced for killing siblings Richard and Helen Thomas in 1985, and Peter and Gwenda Dixon in 1989.

As the story unravelled, Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins (played by Luke Evans) finally found the evidence he needed to put Cooper away on old archive footage of darts show Bullseye.

But while the drama intensified, ITV viewers were struggling to focus, and instead drew their attention to the characters’ accents.

Some couldn’t get used to them, with one person tweeting: “Finding Keith Allen’s accent very distracting #pembrokeshiremurders.”

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Another wrote: “Enjoying #pembrokeshiremurders but struggling to understand the accents ! #fakewelsh.”

“Really enjoying the #pembrokeshiremurders but the odd accents are starting to really do my head in,” a third complained. “Also reading tweets it's amazing how many people didn't know this is a true story and basically Jim Bowen solved it.”

While a fourth offered: “Only problem with #Pembrokeshiremurders is they all have a Welsh accent not a Pembrokeshire accent. No-one in Pembs says Mam. I can hear a Pembrokeshire accent a mile off.”

Others thought Luke’s accent was impressive, and his acting even more so.

“@TheRealLukevans bloody awesome acting in the #pembrokeshiremurders,” one fan gushed.

Another praised: “Luke Evans accent is DIVINE. #pembrokeshiremurders.”

“#PembrokeshireMurders absolutely great to hear the beautiful accents. Brilliantly acted.

“Sensitively filmed about such tragedies. Love the fact I can say ‘I was in school with @TheRealLukevans. Star-struck.’ #AberbargoedBoyDoneGood,” a third shared.

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A fourth added: “I lived in Tenby for a few years back in the day. I think Keith Allen’s accent is on point Ok hand #pembrokeshiremurders

As the episode ended, others were gripped to the edge of their seats as they wondered whether John Cooper had really killed his wife, or if she’d taken her own life to get away from him.

Tomorrow’s finale will likely reveal the truth.

Pembrokeshire Murders concludes tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.

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